My blogger raison d’être – to wake people up

As folk who follow my blogs and my Facebook page will know, I feel strongly about many things going on in the world, and use those two mediums to argue my case, because if I don’t who will?

It has been a hard long road these past five years and no doubt there are many other “acceptable” things I could be doing. If I did not speak out, it would have led to a quieter life and me retaining certain “friends” and be more accepted in polite society. But then my conscience would not have allowed me to simply cut my losses and move on, since I also subscribe to the maxim “the truth will set you free”. To be free is better than to be enslaved; to question is better than to absorb falsehoods and to apply faith is better than pay lip service. In many parts of the world and down in history, people who might share my views have not had the freedom and opportunity to do what I am doing and if they had it could be a death sentence. I don’t always get it right or know enough and sometimes dwell on things when I shouldn’t. I need constantly reminding that I am as prone to error as any and that my getting old and infirm is no excuse for being cantankerous. Even so, I must speak on those matters I have come to see as important.

As folk might also know, I come from a section of churchianity that discouraged one from being over embroiled in worldly affairs and rather focus on preaching the gospel and being a good Christian (whatever that is), but I have come to see that while I should be about bringing in the “Kingdom”, and that won’t happen fully before the King (Jesus) returns, I see no scriptural reason why that should NOT start now: righteousness, justice and truth rather than iniquity, oppression and error for example. So I speak out and get ridiculed and vilified by some, while being praised and thanked by others. Yet I am accountable to my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, mindful I don’t know it all, and I could say it better. Hardly a day goes by when I am not reminded of my own sinfulness and ignorance and having feelings of wanting to die, but at the same time I am also mindful I am a son and servant of the Most High God and need to persevere while time and opportunity (soon to run out) allows. I am reminded of the character Evangelist, in John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, who saw his role as urging people to leave the broad way that leads to destruction and join the narrow path that leads to the Celestial City. I admire John the Baptist, who spoke truth to power and called out ungodly behavior in no uncertain terms.

There are a number of important issues covering a vast array of subjects where people need to be awoken about. Sadly, many are either ignorant of these or indifferent and the very people who should be speaking out, leaders in the church, do not do so, although I continue to honour those who preach the Gospel and lead by example, realizing we are all miserable sinners and at best unprofitable servants. I am sometimes taken to task for quoting from discredited sources (although too often the discreditors should themselves be discredited for speaking lies). While it is true some of my favoured sources or people I follow and respect tend to be condemned as promoting things like conspiracy theories, race or some other ‘ism’ or alt right rhetoric, I am often at pains to point out that I do not do so willy nilly and in many cases I am merely questioning and do not have definitive answers. But to cut to the chase, I am raising twenty two issues that people need to be woken up about, all of which have been covered in my 1300+ blogs.

  1. Globalism: A new world order and a brave new world that is being increasingly called for are fine ideas but outside God it won’t work and the move (being resisted by the likes of Trump and Brexiteers) will only lead to enslavement by tiny elite, whose motives are anything but altruistic.
  2. Abortion: is wicked and a blight on humanity, yet the move to extend it further has gathered momentum in recent years, as thankfully so has those seeking to reduce and eliminate it.
  3. Socialism: is often fine on paper when it comes to uplifting the poor etc. but in practice does not work and has been discredited e.g. in the demise of communism, and yet is again on the rise.
  4. Free Speech: is under attack e.g. preachers getting arrested and while I get it inciting hatred is wrong, it is wrong to stop people speaking as they find, especially when the stoppers are wrong.
  5. Internet Censorship: is happening right now. The likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring conservative voices on spurious grounds and yet are allowing worse non conservative voices to continue unchecked. Some things need censoring but it needs to be the right things.
  6. Sexual identity: God created male and female and while in exceptional cases there might be transition, it has latterly taken on a evil twist as we are being coerced, brainwashed etc. into allowing our children to change sex and making unnecessary adjustment to allow for “transgenderism”.
  7. Sexual orientation: I couldn’t care two hoots if those I meet are gay or straight, since I judge persons by the content of their character and not by their sexuality, but don’t threaten and force those who believe gay is NOT ok, and marriage should be between a man and a woman, to concede that it IS ok.
  8. Climate Change: I do not doubt this is happening and we need to take better care of our planet etc., but what worries me is the imposition of draconian changes with dubious benefits other than to globalists, socialists and those with a vested interest. But action is needed and this is my work in progress.
  9. Educational indoctrination: e.g. the UK government is now seeking to impose a certain brand of sex education onto schools, but in making it mandatory and using it as a form of insidious indoctrination that flies in the face of parental beliefs (often aligning with my own) gets a big no from me.
  10. Racism: exists sadly, but also sad is people are labeled racist when they are NOT. This needs calling out.
  11. Immigration: letting in genuine asylum seekers and keeping out immigrants we cannot assimilate is a fact of life and our culture has in the past got it wrong on both fronts and is still doing so.
  12. Islam: as an ideology is like many ideologies wrong but it seems in our society this is one we dare not criticize without reprisal. Many Muslims are fine people who serve the community, and to be welcomed, but their ideology is not. This ‘religion of peace’ has created many problems powers that be choose to ignore.
  13. Conspiracy theories: is a pejorative term but sometimes these explain the facts in a way too often the official narrative fails, e.g. 9/11, JFK assassination, Deep State surveillance.
  14. Who really rules the world: it isn’t who you think and we have a long way to go in the rabbit hole to find out who, and rather vilifying those who do, they should be thanked.
  15. Big banks: there is something insidious about how the world monetary system is controlled, e.g. the US Federal Reserve. This needs to be better understood and called out.
  16. Child sex trafficking: is wicked and far more prevalent than commonly believed. To be welcomed are moves to crack down on something that is often not reported.
  17. Social credit score: already happening in China where technology is used to score people on to what their opinions are acceptable to the State – and is looking to be rolled out more widely. Just as worrying and linked to ‘666’ is the coming of the cashless society. Beware!
  18. Merging man and machine: huge developments are underway with changes in the offing. Watch!
  19. Social justice: there are many instances of social injustice in the world and often I join with my luvvie, liberal, leftie friends in calling these out e.g. regarding homelessness.
  20. Mental illness: is widely prevalent and yet too often not dealt with appropriately. It needs better recognition and dealing with.
  21. Israel: is under huge attack and sometimes rightly so, but I will continue to support Israel’s right to exist and live in peace.
  22. The Church: I love the Church (the ekklesia of God and His instrument in reaching humanity with the Gospel) but I hate false teaching and sadly it is everywhere and needs to be resisted

Afterthought: It occurred to me after posting the above there could be more issues to add to my list of issues e.g. vaccines and political correctness, but suffice to say I have decided to draw a line on those issues I regard as in my “must speak out about” category. There are a number of lesser issues where I recognise people in my ideological camp may have differing perspectives and that seems fair enough, and humility is needed. When it comes to ideological leanings, some might detect in me a right bias, but from where I stand I see enormous flaws in Conservative (UK) and Republican (US) politics, and the only ideology I can vouch for is that of the ‘Kingdom’. Christians have too often lost their nerve by not calling sin for what it is, in order not to offend, thus creating a vacuum. While I feel sound Christians ought to go along with me, at least in principle, with my take on the 22 issues listed above, I realise that may not be the case and, while I may feel sadness and disappointment, I recognise they, like me, are answerable to the Lord they serve and, indeed, may be closer to Him than I am. But back to the two heroes of the faith, also mentioned above, their pre-occupation was to lead people to Christ and encourage them to be His faithful and fruitful disciples. And while I maintain what I have discussed earlier matters much, following Christ matters even more, and respect goes to those who make that their primary goal, for in strange way that is how the world will change for the better.


One thought on “My blogger raison d’être – to wake people up

  1. paul fox says:

    Number 21, I see you still Supporting Israel. I dont think Israel needs our support. They have support from all three Parties in Parliament. !00 Labour are members of “Friends of Israel” (this is why Jeremy Corbyn, gets so much stick) 80% of the Conservatives are members of ” The Friends of Israel” but only the Liberals have only six. I also was a supporter of the Israelis. In the War, my mother took in Jewish children from London, because other people in the Village would not.When I was 20, I worked in a refugee camp in Linz Austria. There I met some Dutch people who had taken in Jews, and hid the from the Gestapo. I visited Mauthausen Concentration Camp, and saw the Gas chambers, ovens, piles of hair and teeth. Its the closest I have come to Hell.Then some years ago I stayed at Greenbelt, with my son, and I heard, and met Prof Jeff Harper( who is a Jew), of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition.I was shocked to hear how the Palestinians are treated by the Israelis, how Jews help and support the Palestinians. So I decided to visit the Holy Land, and see for myself. I was shocked, to see what was happening on a daily basis.It is still going on today. What is upsetting, when I support the Palestinians I am accused of being Anti Semitic. When I was in Bethlehem, I visited the Bethlehem Bible College, and met very brave Christian who were living their faith every day. So I thought I would share this with you.Many Palestinian Christians are concerned they have been forgotten and possibly abandoned by the international community. Masoud says while Palestinian Christians are not persecuted, they do face pressures and instability because of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    “It affects us and affects our future generations. We expect our Christian brothers and sisters to intervene actually. We expect them to step in and be our…voice in their position of leadership…in the different countries or in the different places,” Masoud says.

    The Body of Christ
    If we truly believe that we are one body of Christ, then we need to ask ourselves if we are suffering with our Palestinian family as 1 Corinthians 12:26 suggests. If we do feel their pain, what are we doing in response? But also, how does it impact our Biblical interpretation of present-day Israel.

    “There’s a lot of Biblical interpretations that are supporting the occupation and are dehumanizing people. When people, regardless of faith backgrounds, are dehumanized, it is our concern because we are created in God’s image. It is our concern as Palestinian Christians because we do have responsibilities to defend our Bible and to defend God’s Words and explain the true…love of God,” Masoud explains.

    “When we don’t do this, we contribute to actually deform the Bible and deform such holiness like the words of good news into such ideologies and agendas.”

    It is Palestinian Christians who are in the Holy Land and reflecting Christ to both the Jew and the Muslim, to their enemy and their neighbor. They are the ones who hold the ability to challenge misleading ideologies on Biblical interpretations of Israel because they are the Christians living in the region, experiencing the wrongdoings of those called “God’s Chosen People”, and facing alienations from their brothers and sisters who are supposed to weep and rejoice with them.

    Listening to Palestinian Christians
    Unsure how to do this? Start by listening to Palestinian Christians like Masoud. Listen to their stories, and then share them and echo their struggles in your circles.
    “We always ask people to pray for us for hope, but also for strength for where we’re at now. We ask them to…put prayers into action. Also, we ask them to come visit us. We have a Ta’Shuf Tours through the college. We provide such an opportunity where you can actually come visit us, not only as a tourist would only go to churches and visit the stones, but also get involved with the living stones in the land. [Get] to know the people and see what we’re going through and how we’re living our daily lives, and to speak up as well,”

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