Community matters

As a community activist it is only to be expected that I would take a keen interest in what is going on in my community. But for me community is not merely what goes on in my neck of the woods, which arguably I am able to affect, in at least some small measure, but rather in all the inter-linked communities across the world, most of which I feel powerless to make much of an impact other than through my prayers, solidarity and speaking out on that which bothers or heartens me e.g. through my blog posts. While my focus is on the UK, and particularly the town where I reside, I am ever mindful of happenings in other parts of the world, and keenly follow events and happenings through mainstream, alternative and social media. Then there are issues that deeply affect most communities e.g. health, security, environment, economy, infra-structure. What I have attempted to do in this e-book is to bring together some of my more significant blog postings to do with community matters that are not covered in my other e-books.

Book 11: Last updated 15/02/2017  

19/12/17 Southend named as a “rotten borough”

18/10/17 Debt, deficit and the economy

12/08/17 Al Gore, Climate Change and BBC interviews

10/08/17 Operation Sanctuary, pedophilia and sex slavery

23/06/17 The Grenfell Tower fire

23/05/17 Manchester bombing attack

03/04/17 Pizzagate and child sex trafficking

26/03/17 London terror attack (2)

02/02/17 Climate change – humanity’s greatest threat!?

12/12/16 Modern day slavery and human trafficking

25/11/16 Hate crime, terrorism and proportionality

30/09/16 Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away

02/09/16 NHS doctors go on strike (2)

02/09/16 Self Harming (2)

25/08/16 Banning the Russians from the Paralympics

03/03/16 Legal Highs (2)

11/02/16 Burn out

29/01/16 Today I visited our hospital

12/01/16 NHS doctors go on strike

19/12/15 Stop the Traffik

15/12/15 Another airport runway

06/08/15 Safeguarding vulnerable people

21/07/15 Hospital discharges and readmissions

21/06/15 Anti-austerity protests

20/06/15 Charleston gun shootings

14/05/15 Electoral Reform

01/04/15 Some mental health thoughts

26/03/15 St. Lukes Health Centre (2)

25/01/15 Dementia friends

07/01/15 Self harming

21/11/14 Fracking

30/10/14 Crisis in the NHS (1)

28/08/14 Rotherham child abuse scandal

26/08/14 Benefits sanctions

23/08/14 Families struggle – debt crisis

19/08/14 Scottish Independence

14/07/14 Assisted Dying Bill

21/06/14 Taboo subjects

12/06/14 On the matter of abortion

17/04/14 Food banks 

08/04/14 Depression and old age

18/03/14 New eye for old

12/03/14 St. Lukes Health Centre

25/02/14 Transport – what is needed!?


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