Personal interests

Having e-published books covering 11 major themes from my blogs I am left with my 12th and final one that serves as a catch all to any significant (imho) posting missed out in the previous 11, because of these not quite fitting. Cleverly, I think, what is now left comes under the umbrella of personal interests, which are many and varied. While some continue the often serious, heavy duty tone of what is included in my 11 previous e-books, many are lighter in nature as these cover my many sporting, artistic and cultural interests. I have also included specific projects and undertakings I happen to be involved in and my observations on life, the universe and everything else not covered elsewhere. I have covered other interests like places I have visited or have gone for a walk in that have moved me or that to do with being an aspiring restaurant critic.

Book 12: Last updated 15/02/2018

11/02/18 An arresting experience

10/02/18 Council Estate – Football rules as a kid

08/02/18 Truth, balance and free speech

03/01/18 My 2018 Archers diary

19/12/17 Zionism, Fetuses, Newspeak and defining terms

18/12/17 The Ashes

02/12/17 Henry Higgins fish bar

01/12/17 Beholden to the Truth

08/11/17 Journey to the North

31/10/17 Nothing to celebrate: 50 years of abortion in Britain

28/10/17 57 West has moved to 6 Clarence Road

21/10/17 A visit to the Growing Together Gardens; caring for the carers

08/10/17 Holiday in Felixstowe

17/09/17 What are your five favourite things about Southend?

28/09/17 English cricketing reflections (2017)

07/09/17 My 1000th blog posting

03/09/17 Aspiring to greatness

16/08/17 Hate Crime Ambassador

06/08/17 For such a time as this

27/07/17 Caroline (The Archers)

24/07/14 Breakfast at Monte

21/07/17 A walk on Southend Pier

03/07/17 The Archers – post Rob Titchener

18/06/17 Westcliff open air swimming pool

30/06/17 Harry the cat

27/06/17 Walking in Hadleigh; eating in Leigh

19/06/17 Pakistan wins the Champions Trophy

11/06/17 Eating at Nando’s

17/05/17 Reflections of a blogger – ten popular postings

12/05/17 Mayor Judith stepped down

12/05/17 Havens store to close

30/05/17 Exploring Foulness Island

30/05/17 My twelve all-time favorite American TV series

02/05/17 World championship snooker

22/04/17 Today I walked in Hockley wood

20/04/17 Today I walked in Belfairs wood

01/04/17 Watching Southend United play football today

08/03/17 Breakfast at the Toby Carvery

06/03/17 I, Daniel Blake

23/01/17 Winning the argument; losing the plot

06/01/17 The Archers: the Saga of Rob and Helen continues

02/10/17 Is the Honours system fair?

28/12/16 How has gambling affected you?

28/12/16 Leadership and why right now we desperately need more of it

24/12/16 Radio 4 Today program

10/12/16 India the home of cricket

01/12/16 Magnus Carlsen is once again World Chess Champion

25/11/16 Hate crime, terrorism and proportionality

24/11/16 Wicked situations

21/11/16 A time to agree to disagree

13/11/16 A visit to Birmingham

08/11/16 Faith and Belief day

07/11/16 Eating at the Gasworks

04/11/16 More on “Poppy Day”

21/10/16 The Aberfan disaster

13/10/16 Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize

27/09/16 Chess – a new season beckons

25/09/16 Tang’s Oriental Buffet Restaurant

23/09/16 Citizen of Southend Awards

11/09/16 Helen’s trial (2)

05/09/16 Getting rid of my books

30/08/16 Fools, villains and good guys

27/08/16 The American Civil War (2)

25/08/16 Banning the Russians from the Paralympics

21/08/16 The Rio Olympics (3)

21/08/16 Southend Carnival

19/08/16 Walking on Wallasea Island

02/08/16 Pokemon Go

30/07/16 Cosmos and the World at War

12/07/16 More in Common

01/07/16 Battle of the Somme

01/07/16 The P Word conference

25/06/16 A visit to a garden in Priory Park

02/06/16 Becoming an OAP

29/05/16 Winning the end game

04/04/16 Fossetts Farm development

12/04/16 A visit to Southchurch Hall Park

05/04/16 T20 Cricket World Cup

28/03/16 No Junk Mail

18/03/16 Hope for us oldies

01/03/16 Animal rights

02/02/16 The Queen who is serving the King at 90

11/02/16 Gravitational waves

07/02/16 The Archers, Rob Titchener and Domestic Violence

04/02/16 Of making many books (1)

21/01/16 The SOS Group

18/01/16 Cheating in sport

18/01/16 My interests as a child

06/01/16 Cricket lovely cricket (2)

31/12/15 New Year Honours

29/12/15 Resolutions and Reflections

18/12/15 Favorite foods

09/12/15 Keddies

05/12/15 Skybiz, Amway and Network Marketing

01/11/15 Halloween

31/10/15 Rugby World Cup 2015 (4)

26/10/15 Benedictine hospitality and tough love

21/10/15 Small shops

20/10/15 CRA – the end of an era

01/10/15 Funerals, families and legacies

16/10/15 The Diary of a Nobody

05/10/15 Tomassi’s

01/10/15 Dawkins, Scholl, Syria, Archers

19/09/15 The Chronicles of Narnia

17/09/15 Visiting God’s own country

26/08/15 Small acorns; mighty oaks

23/08/15 Ashes cricket 2015 (6)

20/08/15 Recommending books to read

13/08/15 Multicultural Whitechapel

10/08/15 Elmer Gantry

27/07/15 The Tour de France

18/07/15 Wisdom, knowledge and wicked situations

07/07/15 A visit to a Rotary club

04/07/15 Adventure Island

29/06/15 Magic, chemistry and books

15/06/15 Magna Carta and Waterloo

12/06/15 A walk around Blenheim Park

09/06/15 Much is taken, much abides

29/05/15 FIFA corruption (2)

15/05/15 Southend United Football Club

15/05/15 CRA – an end of an era!?

27/03/15 Cricket World Cup 2015 (2)

10/02/15 Rugby World Cup 2015

05/02/15 Faith and Beliefs event

02/05/15 Women’s Football World Cup

24/06/15 Now that I’m old

02/04/15 Onward and Upward

09/02/15 Grumpy’s diner

22/01/15 Volunteering

13/01/15 Trident

19/12/14 Christmas movies

11/12/14 Unsung heroes

28/11/14 Loneliness

27/11/14 Dominic Bann – hockey player

03/11/14 The Wallasea Island project

12/11/14 When I was young (1)

04/11/14 Street Pastors – love in action

29/10/14 Wearing poppies

29/10/14 British doctor’s Ebola diary

27/10/14 Retirement

20/10/14 Carpe Diem

17/10/14 Chips and bees

16/10/14 The rich-poor divide

14/10/14 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping

10/10/14 The Kevin Pietersen Affair

04/10/14 Ordinary things

30/09/14 The big need for Southend

13/09/14 The Grammar Game

12/09/14 The Prittlewell Prince

10/09/14 Fifty Shades of Grey

09/09/14 Suspended coffees

09/09/14 My ten best books

07/09/14 Strictly is back

03/09/14 Thought for the day

03/09/14 The Ice Bucket Challenge

20/08/14 Southend Pier

19/08/14 Scottish Independence

05/08/14 Blessed are the peacemakers

04/08/14 FIFA corruption

03/08/14 Knowledge is Power

25/07/14 The British Commonwealth

17/07/14 Community in Harmony

13/07/14 Football World Cup 2014 (6)

12/07/14 Sledgehammers to crack nuts

03/07/14 Creation versus evolution

02/07/14 The scientific method

21/06/14 Taboo subjects

17/06/14 Cluny Square and the monks

20/05/14 My desert island discs

18/05/14 True, necessary and kind

13/05/14 The Archers

11/05/14 Consigned to Room 101

27/04/14 Poetry please

25/03/14 The beautiful game

18/03/14 Life of a king

05/03/14 Churchill gardens – paradise!?

05/03/14 Cricket lovely cricket

22/02/14 Hello World!


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