T20 Cricket World Cup

It has come and gone, the T20 Cricket World Cup (for both men and women) that is. I have been following the competition with interest, either via TMS podcasts or listening live on the Internet, and have been, surprisingly, enthralled. As an avid cricket fan since my boyhood (still probably my favorite sport) I have been following cricket ever since, even though it has been many a year since I have played my own modest version of the game and, thinking of it, some time since I have watched a live game.

I am a cricketing snob and elitist! There is still something in me that looks down on the limited overs version of the game and the cricket I follow is mainly International Test matches. After all there is more luck involved in the T20 game, but as always good teams make their own luck. I love to see cricket played that is of a high standard and, while I follow primarily the England cricket team, I am invariably of the view that good cricket should be the winner along with the sides that play best. Following some gloom as far as England’s cricketing fortunes was concerned, including a comprehensive defeat in an Ashes series in Australia and an early exit to last year’s cricket World Cup, things have been looking up for England’s men.

And nowhere is that more evident than in the competition that reached its thrilling climax on Sunday. Right up to the last over, it was touch and go who would win, but in the end West Indies came out on top, and for their sheer brilliance alone in striking four successive sixes in order to do so makes me sympathetic toward the West Indies. But commiserations England, you were superb throughout and the fighting spirit and skill you showed in this and in earlier games is rightly commendable.  The competition has been a resounding success with many exciting games played and lots of excellent cricket. It was also a good move to play the women’s competition at the same time and well done England’s women for reaching the semi finals and well done West Indies women for making it a double! And well done India for being such great hosts.

Just maybe, my exclusive, elitist view on cricket is about to change, taking more interest now in limited overs and even women’s cricket, and so it should as I look forward to this coming cricketing summer!


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