A visit to a garden in Priory Park

Here I recount briefly how today I spent two pleasant hours in an enclosed old garden in Priory Park, a place I know and love, having a little earlier dropped Mrs B off so she could shop in the town …

As those who read my blogs know, it has long been my habit to find some tranquil natural setting where I can get away for a short while and mediate and reflect on life, the universe and everything. I am thankful that many such places exist in the town where I live  and I have sampled many of them. I have been a visitor to Priory Park ever since I was a boy and the fine old gardens adjoining the Priory has long been a favorite haunt where I can get away from it all for a short time. To give the Council its due, it still is a beautiful place and well maintained and (selfishly) not visited by too many, such that I really can be alone, unburden what is on my mind and be refreshed.


The historic events of this week that have caused so much anxiety, as well as what is going on in my own little world and the prospect of things to come and the goings on in the world and the lives of some of those I love and care about weigh heavily, has meant that this is a good place to be. I can’t say the time I spent alone with my Maker was profound by some standards but it was precious to me. I was able to have a pleasant telephone conversation with someone close, check out what is on my Facebook page and the latest moves in the online chess games I am playing, and read and pray. It happened I meditated on Ezekiel 37, which is “the Valley of Dry Bones” chapter in the Bible. It was all about dead dry bones coming to life, and this seemed pretty appropriate to where I am currently at.

All too soon my time was up and my reflecting had to come to the end. As I exited the garden I couldn’t help noting the “Lead me from Death to Life …” plaque appended to the wall by the gate, which seemed all too appropriate. Being the magnet that I am, I then came across a homeless fellow who I didn’t know, named Charles. I told him I wouldn’t give him money because in my experience most people who ask are cons and I haven’t got the time and energy to find out either way. Fortunately, the park café was open and it was nearby and we had a cup of tea and sandwich and a chat. Like many a person on the streets, his was an interesting story and his insights were deep and valid. We parted in friendship with him recognising the Lord is indeed good. Having parted, I got to pick up Mrs B, and then write this before I get on with some of my other jobs.


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