Gravitational waves

It was interesting to listen to excited scientists talking on the radio today about the recently discovered “gravitational waves” (see here, here, here, and here), something that had been predicted by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity a hundred years ago, and a further significant step in our trying to understand the building blocks of the universe and its origin, and in this regard will rate alongside the discovery of the structure of DNA and the Higgs Boson.

While I dabbled in particles and waves during my undergraduate days when I was studying quantum chemistry, I will not claim to be a great expert in these matters, although my fascination in what science is able to uncover remains unabated, as does my conviction that enquiring into such matters is a worthwhile activity for human kind, in much the same way as I do in pursuing a business career, notwithstanding my belief in the divine creator and the God given curiosity to find out about the universe in which we are placed.

So congratulations to the many scientists that have been involved in the project and, while it may not come in my lifetime, I look forward to more exciting discoveries to come, even going back to the origins of the universe. I have little doubt that the study of gravitational waves may ultimately help scientists in their quest to solve some of the biggest problems in physics, such as the unification of forces, linking quantum theory with gravity and if anything it will only go to reinforce my sense of wonder concerning this universe we live in.


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