Reflections of a blogger – ten popular postings

A little over three years ago I began my career as a blogger. Little did I realize then that I am soon to post my 900th blog entry. Looking down the list of posts, I can honestly say I have dwelt at some length on all sorts of subjects including personal interests, and have trod where angels fear to tread, and written on subjects where at times my knowledge is paltry. Yet I have tried to deal with subjects not only because these interest me but also because these are important and I want those who read to take note and maybe even respond in some positive way. Sometimes I have expressed views that many disagree with, sometimes greatly, but I felt it is right to do so long as I try to be fair and balanced. Disappointingly, some of my most profound writings have been the least popular and some unlikely posts have proved very popular. As for motivation, while I like to think I am raising matters that need raising that aren’t being raised elsewhere, I am sure not all is as pure as I would like and sometimes it has been a distraction and in part has acted as personal therapy.

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As I reflect on my earlier postings, if I would list the ten most popular the list would be skewed, so what I have done is to consider ten areas I have particularly focused on when I come to blog and then selected and shared a post representative of each one of those areas, and which have attracted a good number of ‘hits’.

The Archers, Rob Titchener and Domestic Violence

This has surprisingly turned out to be my most popular blog posting, I think because it resonates with avid “Archers” fans, of which I am one. It also addresses a real issue that is too often swept under the carpet. For those who wish to know more, Rob has been abusing his wife Helen for a long time and these were my reactions.

Vicky Beeching coming out

I have thought long and hard on the subject of homosexuality as it is an issue we all need to take a view on and if a Christian like me with conservative views on the subject and yet wanting to be sympathetic and  fight in the culture wars is one we can’t ignore. This post is one of many on the subject – this about a celebrity Christian’s journey.

A visit to the mosque

It seems the Islam has started replace homosexuality as a central theme in the culture wars. I have long taken an interest in Islam, seeing both the dangers coming from the islamification of the culture and yet seeing the need to befriend Muslims. This post is about the opening of a local mosque where I was a guest.

Letter to a Zionist friend

Israel is a subject that is unlikely to go away and stirs up emotions from all sides of the Israel – Palestine debate. I have posted several times giving my thoughts and in response to events. This post is a letter I sent to a Zionist friend trying to understand his perspective yet putting the case of those who disagree.

Citizen of Southend Awards

Community activism is my main forte these days and many of my posts are about my community interests. It was my privilege to attend a civic ceremony when the unsung heroes in my town who work in and for the community received recognition for their endeavours, and I was one of them – a great honour.

Myths about rough sleeping

Homelessness these days is my main community interest and I have posted several times on homeless related matters, and these have usually been my popular postings. This was one of my early posts when I address the various misunderstandings people have on the subject and where I try to set the record straight.

Hillary or Donald – the Christian decision!?

For the first time ever I have taken a particular interest in the US Presidential elections, sensing that it is more significant than usual. I posted lots on this and then when Trump became president, often reacting against criticism. In this post I consider the difficult choices confronting the American people and how best to respond.

The EU Referendum (7)

The big event last year was the EU Referendum and yours truly was to become an ardent Brexiter. I posted many times on the subject, eliciting a range of reactions. This was the last of a series, and where I gave my reasons for believing a vote to Leave was the right one.

General Election 2017 – the Southend line up

Local politics is something that particularly interests me as does politics generally, even though I try to be neutral when it comes to supporting political parties. I often throw in my two penneth on the subject. In this post I look forward to the forthcoming General Election and reflect on the various local interest.

True, necessary and kind

Not that I always manage to live up to my high ideals but I generally tried to adopt the position: before I post I need to ask the questions: is it true; is it necessary and is it kind? Only when the answer is yes to each question do I then post – at least that is the intention.

Finally, my blog is part of my website. The most important part is the gospel presentation contained therein.


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