Today I walked in Belfairs wood

I have walked in Belfairs wood on many occasions over the years and this remains one of my favourite local walking areas. It happened today it was done early in morning and I thought (and had hoped) I would be alone. I didn’t reckon on seeing so many other fellow walkers, most of which were dog owners, with many politely adding their good morning greeting as we passed.


As some know Belfairs woods and golf course are co-located. When I do the walk, I invariably remember when in my later teens I began to play golf in that same area. Most of my walks encompass the “woody” eighteenth to fourteenth holes. I feel how lucky we are to have this free resource and how lovely it all is – the leaves in the magnificent trees were beginning to open and all round the ground there were bluebells. The woods are well managed regarding the animal and plant and tree life and with posterity in mind, and there are many memorial seating areas. My walking is less vigorous these days, so to be able to sit down, read and mediate was welcomed. Today I extended my walk to include the nature reserve and noted there is room for a lot more exploration all the way to Benfleet.

I have no doubt as health and opportunity will allow there will be many return visits to Belfair Woods, and grateful that along with a number of other walks I have noted, that I am able still to do this.


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