Marine Le Pen, terror and the French Presidential elections

In three days time, the French will be going to the polls to elect their next president. Yesterday’s Paris terror attacks have a bearing and raises the question in one report: “How terrorism in France is having a huge impact on presidential election”.


The pundits reckon that the populist outsider, Marine Le Pen, will get enough votes to go through to the next round. What then generally then happens is that supporters of those who lose the first round will then rally round the remaining non far right candidate and it will be he/she who will win the second round and presidency.

I confess I know too little about French politics to pontificate meaningfully but enough to realize that which have concerned British voters in recent years e.g. immigration and membership of the EU also concern the French and the anti-globalist movement that began under Putin and continued with Brexit and Trump has not yet run out of steam and there is more momentum to be added.

I must also confess that I don’t know too much about Marine although I was aware of her father, Jean Marie, who she succeeded, and the same hatred by liberal types because of his far right rhetoric is now directed toward her. I have made a note that I will study the person and her policies in order to come to a rounded view but in the meantime I simply observe and note a measure of discontent by the French with their politicians, including other candidates putting themselves forward in this election. I also note a degree of censorship when it comes to Le Pen, which is worrying when she can be shut down because certain people disagree, a trend we are presently seeing when it comes to alternative media reporting.

Yesterday’s terror attack in Paris is yet another in a long line and begs the question how are future threats to be addressed in the future. This is a world wide phenomenon that creates heated debate as to how this might be combated. It seems likely that Le Pen’s more robust approach with receive further support as a result. Whether it does or not remains to be seen. With what is happening in the world today, the prospect of a President Le Pen is no longer impossible in these crazy days we live in. Just as Putin, Brexit and Trump have in their own ways had profound effects on the world, so will Le Pen.


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