Caroline (The Archers)

Earlier, I enjoyed listening to catch up for the superb staging of the funeral of Caroline, one of the well loved characters of the Radio4 soap “the Archers”. It was a fitting tribute too to Sara Coward who died in February, who played Caroline Sterling (Bone) since her introduction in to the soap in 1977. Caroline was the posh girl with the common touch who oozed class whether she rub shoulders with royalty (she did) or the lowest in society. She was a goer, razor sharp, not suffering fools gladly, with a heart of gold, a mischievous sense of humour, able to win the most awkward over. I confess in the early days I had a minor crush on Caroline, superbly played by Sara Coward, a great actress, and for me rated along with Nigel Pargetter and Nelson Gabriel as my favorite Archers’ character.


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