Looking forward to 2019; anticipating what is in store

This is NOT going to be personal and if I were to share my own personal hopes and aspirations for 2019 it would be in a separate article and probably not for public consumption. But I believe God has called me to be a watchman, albeit a reluctant one and one with many personal failings. He has also shown me one role model…

It is very easy to look at the world with dismay or at least a deep sense of uncertainty and foreboding:

  1. The Brexit fiasco is for all to see and it is difficult to see a good solution before Britain leaves the EU in March
  2. The French are revolting but who will win – the popular uprising or Macron and his handlers
  3. The world wide move toward popularism seems to be showing no let up – but which ideology will win out in the end – globalism or nationalism or maybe something else
  4. The US government is in shutdown mode and a multitude of the normal suspects are going after Trump (before he gets them) and it is difficult to picture what will happen next
  5. The Federal Reserve and China are two particularly problematic areas from a US perspective, where fireworks might be expected
  6. Child sex trafficking and elite satanic pedophilia is rife and is an evil that needs to be exposed and decisively dealt with
  7. Immigration and welfare are two subjects that will continue to raise passions from the right and the left and polarise opinions
  8. Some concerns like Russia expansion and climate change, will no doubt continue to be aired and are multi-faceted issues
  9. The Middle East and its various facets: Israel, Syria, Iran, Saudi, Yemen etc. is incredibly complex and no resolution is in sight
  10. Islam is set to take over the western world and the West and its political correctness looks set to just let it happen
  11. Any number of events could be the trigger to lead to the outbreak of World War 3
  12. Christians continue to be persecuted the world over
  13. The attack on free speech and the control of media by hostile entities seems set to continue
  14. The church including among sectors close to my own are leaning toward doctrinal error, apostasy and lukewarmness
  15. Homelessness and refugee numbers continue to increase

Welcome to my world why not come on in (as sung by Jim Reeves). In the last day or so, both the Queen and the Pope have encouraged us to be nicer and more understanding etc. to one another, which is all very nice, but you don’t have to be a cynic to know it isn’t going to happen, for that is the real world I live in.

I don’t purport to have all the answers to any of the above, but I know the one who knows all things and is in control, who has gifted those who follow Him with His peace. We are where we are. I suspect we will see events happening, even early in 2019, that will answer questions raised above. And it isn’t all doom and gloom. Besides my observation there is much kindness in the world, the promise of Jesus holds true. If nothing else it should inspire me to watch and (especially) pray more and be more serious about following the Lord and encouraging and supporting those around me affected by all these things and more.  I see if anything an escalation in the way events unfold, and I suspect that we (the watching public) will be astounded at some of what is to take place, but in the final analysis I rejoice in this one marvelous truth and if there is nothing else I do, it is to point people to the Lamb:


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