Politics, Brexit and the US Supreme Court

The cave rescue attempts in Thailand and the latest in the World Cup aside, the two stand out news items in the past 24 hours have been the resignations of David Davies and Boris Johnson from Theresa May’s UK Cabinet over the ever appeasing of the EU hegemony and that of Conservative remoaners when it comes to Brexit negotiations and the announcement by President Donald Trump that his latest pick for the US Supreme Court is going to be Brett Kavanaugh. There is no doubt that both stories are shrouded with political intrigue and I confess I know too little to make definitive judgments as to peoples’ motives. However, I do have a view concerning these two happenings and in time honoured fashion I am writing now to share what that is.

I have been a life long Euroskeptic so it will come as little surprise that my views concerning how Britain should negotiate itself out of Europe will more align with that of David and Boris than that of those of Theresa and her remainer colleagues. I know not enough about the two men to say where their decision lies on the spectrum between resigning on principle to that of doing so in order to make political capital. I know enough about the two men and human nature though to conclude it is not altogether one or the other. Reading their statements as to why they resigned, I am sympathetic. Theirs was an intolerable position and there comes a time that collective responsibility and political compromise has to be laid aside and decisions like the ones they made needed to be made. While I voted to Leave, I did have to think about it because I doubted the British resolve to leave (which has proved to be the case) although seeing the nastiness of the EU elite and the evils of globalism that the likes of Donald Trump have helped to expose has made me realise that the right decision was made, even though it was one at the time I did not expect. Where we are two years on from the momentous referendum decision to leave the EU is we are in a bad place and the straightforward intent to leave that most Leave voters voted for and expected to happen is being increasing undermined by deals meaning we will be further subject to EU tyranny without being able to challenge it, which is what continuing membership could at least potentially allow. Sadly, Labour are no better and I found listening to their Shadow Foreign Secretary wax lyrical over their approach to Brexit quite depressing as was learning the news that enigmatic Boris has been replaced by slimeball Jeremy Hunt. My main consolation is God is on His Throne and these events may cause the British to call on His name.

I have to confess I find US politics more interesting especially now the Donald is in charge. The fact that another two slimeballs, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have sworn to fiercely oppose the President’s pick leads me to conclude he will have made the right decision, although such is the Trump hatred anyone he might have proposed will be opposed. I understand there were three others on POTUS’s shortlist but I know not enough to comment who was best. He is after all doing something nigh unique among politicians and that is to deliver on his promises. While according to British sensibilities, the President’s choice of US Supreme Court Justice nominee should not be a big deal, it is in the view of many the most significant decision a president has to make in his period of tenure given the verdicts handed down by the 9 Supreme Court justices are so far reaching.  It is after all about choosing between two opposing ideologies: making judgments according to a strict interpretation of the Law and in particular the US Constitution or legislating from the bench when the law is not entirely clear. What is clear, at least to me, is that having judges that make rulings based on the law that is written down is better than those who makes up the law as they go along. Kavanaugh is firmly in that former camp. It could and will have profound implications as the Supreme Court make up looks like becoming more conservative, yet it begs the question why the Legislature is as weak as it is when it comes to making laws that do cover clearly all aspects of life that needs covering, e.g. when is it permissible to abort babies and about protecting free speech and religious freedom, that is increasingly coming under attack.


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