Judge Moore and the Alabama Senate race

I suspect few Brits I know will share this obsession but the first news I wanted to check out after I got up this morning is who won the Alabama Senate race, where the candidate that had once been expected to win, Judge Roy Moore, did not do so. Few would argue that allegations of historical sexual abuse against young women, including minors, which he denied, put down to dirty tricks and as yet remain unproven, is what undone him.

The headlines, courtesy of the Drudge Report, no particular friend of any of these sources, include UK’s own Mail online: “Furious Trump says Republicans will eventually ‘have another shot’ at Alabama’s Senate seat as shell-shocked White House blames Steve Bannon for stunning loss with the subtitles:   “White House sources say Donald Trump is ‘really upset’ over Senate election loss for Roy Moore,    President dashed off a conciliatory tweet that didn’t hint at the level of his anger, He blames Steve Bannon, his former chief strategist who convinced him that Moore would win, But Democratic rival Doug Jones prevailed, aided by Moore’s scandals, Nine different women had accused the Republican hardliner of sexual misconduct, including two who said he molested them when they were teens”. Other headlines include “Once a Long Shot, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race” and “Steve Bannon’s Big Loss in Alabama”. The reason why President Trump’s one time chief strategist featured was that it was he that persuaded the powers who decide on nominations to make Moore the Republican candidate because he would be more likely to buy into Trump’s agenda rather than the alternative safer candidate that would be less likely to.

I have little doubt that this result will be seen as a set back to the President, who after a year of being up against it and not yet out of the woods yet with talks of impeachment etc. could do with all the support he could muster and who would rather see the Democrat support implode as some onlookers hope might happen. It will no doubt be seen as a disappointment as it was a seat the Republicans would normally be expected to win, and who knows what other factors accounted for this outcome? I know too little about the candidates to present their relative good and bad points, although I have little doubt on ideological grounds I would much rather have Moore than the Democrat who won the seat, Doug Jones, in power. Few doubt it was the sex scandal that did it most for the Republicans despite the realization there was a degree of being set up by their opponents as well as vehement denial by Moore. As a reader of Christian commentary where leftie types like John Pavlovich have been chiding rightie types (I suppose like me) to put aside their double standards and come out against the alleged pervert Moore, but I would be defiant though: I would be even more reticent to vote for those who espouse the sort of agenda he and Jones support that I judge would ultimately lead to tyranny. Well, he got his wish I suppose and when the dust settles it will be shown that many Christians did what he urged them to do.

I have no doubt the analysis of why we ended up with the outcome we did and the implications it has for Trump and America will continue to roll and it will no be seen as a set back for Trump in carrying out his agenda. But whether this is an aberration because the wrong candidate was standing, which Trump supporters might hope is the case, or a sign that the worm has turned and the Democrats are on their way back, which Trump opponents might hope is the case, remains to be seen. My gut feeling as well as my hope is that the former will be the case. Two reports that I found helpful in this regards are that by the BBC: “Roy Moore defeat: Five consequences of Alabama election” and one titled: “Matt Drudge on Ala. Senate election: ‘Luther Strange would have won‘”.

As for Alabama politics, I confess to knowing little and am glad it is up to the voters and I have little say in the matter. I suspect if did it would be Hobson’s choice. While I suspect the election was shrouded in dirty tricks and dodgy characters (neither Moore I can warm to, nor his opponent, who strikes me as weak, backing the wrong causes and even more aligned to the swamp and those who will do all they can to derail the President) at least it showed that the electorate were not just wanting someone to represent them that just talked the talk but also walked the walk, and in that regards Moore was found wanting. It is true I am disappointed with the result but as I reflect: even if Moore were to exonerated there are character flaws, including arrogance, that I find off putting.  It shows why we need a new generation of politicians, irrespective of their party affiliation, who are of good character and are in it for the right reasons. All I can add is “God bless America”; only He can.


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