The future of the EU and Brexit

The terms “populist”, “nationalist” and “far (or alt) right” are all terms that have pejorative undertones when used by not just left wing types but also members of the British establishment, especially those who would rather Britain remain in the EU or least come to a deal that amounts to neither having our cake nor eating it. Being given those labels is one sure way of getting demonized by the powerful and their minions. As for me, I have no problems with any of these terms providing they are defined. I am suspicious of the establishment (for what the people think does matter and needs to be respected), I prefer national identity over globalism and I am a mixture of right and left, depending on what the issue is. I am btw anti- racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophopic, Semetic etc.

Having been vociferous in voicing my opinions on why Britain should leave the EU in the lead up to the EU referendum two years ago, I have since become less so, even though I am now even more convinced leaving the EU is right and look with consternation on the lack of progress made in two years in securing an orderly exit from the EU, providing a road map of life outside the EU. Confounding factors include egregious EU bullying tactics, British establishment capitulation and inept leadership by the Conservative government that had previously stated they would be beholden to the wishes of the British people, which was to leave the EU regardless whether a deal is struck. Not only is there weak leadership by government and hapless opposition, the House of Lords have gone beyond being a check and balance by disrespecting the referendum result.

One way my focus of attention has changed is regarding the rise of one Donald J Trump (detailed in my e-book: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?”). What I came to see was that Britain deciding to leave the EU and Trump becoming President of the USA were not unrelated events. Seeing the aftermath of that EU referendum decision, especially the negative response by the EU partners led by their unelected bureaucrats and the British elite including politicians, business leaders and mainstream media, and the uncovering of the evil of the hidden hand, globalist elite that for its own anti-humanity purposes that Trump has helped to expose, makes me even more convinced that leaving the EU is the right decision. This is coupled by the mayhem caused by immigration, especially by Muslims, that is now becoming increasingly apparent across Europe. I can’t help feeling there are powerful, evil forces that want to continue the EU with Britain part of it, with people like George Soros being front men of that evil. The fact they are not having their own way is evidenced by the rise of populist sentiment in France and Germany that threatened the pro-EU establishment and the recent arrival of populist governments in Italy and Hungary.

This article is deliberately short and can be elaborated upon and indeed has been in previous articles. While some of my friends lament I have gone over to the dark side, I reckon I do more than most to help the poor and needy, befriend Muslims and be public spirited (and am, at least I think I am, a nice person). Because I take seriously the great command to love my neighbour, whoever he/she is, I believe Britain will be better off outside of the EU, Europe would fare better without an EU and the world would do well to emulate Trump by rejecting tyranny and globalism. I recognize life is not that simple and none of us can foresee the future, but that is the future I hope for. I also believe God will deal with Britain as a nation, in judgment and in mercy, and this will have a huge bearing.


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