Boriswatch (3)

Eight months ago, concerning Boris Johnson, I wrote:

I have to confess – I still haven’t altogether made my mind up about Boris Johnson, following my launch of my Boriswatch series (see here), two months ago, when I thought, by now, I would have. He shares many of the characteristics of his friend and US counterpart, Donald J Trump, who I see as a flawed character but the best of the alternatives and overall good for America and the world. Like DJT, Boris lies and shares some of his flaws, and also he gets needful things done, but right now I am not entirely convinced”. Despite the elapsed time, an inept opposition and the momentous events that have taken place, that view remains.

I have to confess, unlike with Trump, who is the devil I think I know, and better than the alternative devils that might seek to replace him, I still haven’t made up my mind on Boris and if anything my view is LESS favourable now than what it was eight months ago. Moreover, when comparing the two, I have to confess I follow what happens in Trump land rather more than Boris’ even though we share the same land. I suppose, the honest answer is that in the main I find Boris’ entourage rather depressing and akin to a bunch of school children. The only saving grace is I consider that of opposition leader, Keir Starmer, to be even more depressing. Besides being that more remote, I find the evidence of culture wars, and the fireworks associated with Trump, a lot more compelling than Boris’ fumblings.

Evidence of which is his handling of the Covid crisis, the mixed messages going out, the politicising taking place and the propensity to side with the bad or mad guys and reject the views of those who view things differently, all in the interest of following the science. His saving grace is I doubt any of the opposition will do things any better. I see little recognition of the Almighty and some measures e.g. like making abortion easier and the social costs of measures being taken, anti-Christian. He has backtracked slightly on China (he has had to) but some of his other measures e.g. 5G and WHO, I question. Some feel, we need to brace ourselves for Boris becoming more authoritarian, latching on the consequences of having to come to terms with the “second wave”. We will watch with interest!

In mitigation, I like his approach to Brexit and support his decision to leave the EU with no deal, as announced today and documented in Brexit: Trade talks with the EU are ‘over’, say No 10. While a regrettable decision, in the circumstances, given the intransigence of other EU members, I believe it is a right one. Sadly, I have little more to say about Boris other than, perhaps, he has not lost the gift of the gab. Unlike when adding to my Trumpwatch series, when I find there is always a lot to say, I struggle to find new meaningful words about Boris related activities, and that, I suppose, says something about the anaemic state of UK politics!


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