What do you know about homelessness?

What do you know about homelessness (questions and answers)?

  1. On any one night, how many people sleep rough in England?

4134 (that is an official, conservative estimate) – source Homeless Link

  1. On any one night, how many people sleep rough in Southend?

No one knows but it is reckoned to be between 50 and 100 (maybe more) and includes sofa surfers, tent & car dwellers, squatters etc. The 2016 official rough sleeper count was 40. This year it is expected to be a lot more.

  1. How much has homelessness increased since 2010?

134% (estimate) – source Homeless Link

  1. What is the average age of death for men and women who are homeless?

43 men; 47 women

  1. Name the seven churches taking part in this year’s Southend CWNS program?

Avenue Baptist (Sunday), Leigh Road Baptist (Monday), Shoebury Baptist (Tuesday), Belle Vue Baptist (Wednesday), Westcliff Free (Thursday), Ferndale Baptist (Friday), Whittingham Methodist (Saturday)

  1. What are the main problems that make it harder to help homeless people?

No definitive answer, but mental ill health and substance misuse are two major reasons, plus for some an unwillingness to engage, plus many gaps and limitations in the system.

  1. What are the main reasons for people becoming homeless?

No definitive answer, but include breakdown in relationship, loss of home, job, and mental breakdown and substance misuse

  1. What are the biggest obstacle to getting homeless people accommodated?

No definitive answer, but include lack of suitable accommodation, lack of appropriate support; difficulty people engaging with the right help, problems with benefits, councils and other authorities unable / unwilling to provide help, lack of funds to pay for rent deposit and advanced rent, landlords being able to discriminate e.g. against the homeless and those on benefits.

  1. Name the main organization plus one other that help the homeless in Southend?

HARP is the main homeless charity and is often suggested as the first port of call for someone who is newly homeless. Refer to the rough sleeper leaflet for others.

  1. What percentage of rough sleepers are: a. women, b. under 25?

No-one knows exactly but it is reckoned it could be up to 20% in both categories


2 thoughts on “What do you know about homelessness?

  1. Phill Warren says:

    Hi John – A couple of amendments ;

    Q2 – The rough sleeper estimate for 2016 was 44, not 40 and it bears mentioning that under the government’s rules for conducting estimates/counts, Council’s cant include sofa surfers or squatters in the figures.

    Q7 – There’s lots of data around reasons for homelessness that can be obtained from the quarterly P1E returns submitted to central government. From the most recent figures (Apr – Jun 2017) end of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy was the main reason representing 30% of all accepted cases in England, with the 2nd and 3rd reasons being evictions by parents / family members / friends. These have consistently been the top 3 causes of homelessness for the last few years.

    Hope thats helpful,

  2. thanks Phil. will keep this in mind for future. I suspect sofa surfers and squatters is a significant number. When a rough sleeper friend claimed today to have got a number off the street I suspect it is into yet another a squat.

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