Homeless quiz

At our fund raising meal last Friday we invited each table to participate in a homeless quiz by way of an ice breaker.

The good news for me (the quiz master) is no-one got all the questions right but one table got 9/10 and won a prize. While doing quizzes like this is meant to be, in part at least, for fun, the issues raised are deadly serious. My challenge is have a go (no cheating) and when you are finished click on the link below for the answers:

  1. On any one night, how many people sleep rough in England?


  1. On any one night, how many people sleep rough in Southend?


  1. How much percentage wise has UK homelessness increased since 2010?


  1. What is the average age of death for men and women who are homeless?


  1. Name the 7 shelters taking part this year’s Southend CWNS program?


  1. What are the main problems that make it harder to help homeless people?


  1. What are the main reasons for people becoming homeless?


  1. What are the main obstacles to getting homeless people accommodated?


  1. Name the main organization plus one other that help the homeless in Southend?


  1. What percentage of rough sleepers are: a. women, b. under 25?


So here is the link to the answers. Given it will be unfair to expect spot on figures, generous latitude (10% either way) is allowed when a number is asked for and, when there were several answers, one main one is accepted. Finally, having seen that homelessness is a big issue affecting many, consider how you might help. Looking for ideas? then why not read my homeless e-book (click here)?


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