The Roy Moore affair

According to Wikipedia:Roy Stewart Moore (born February 11, 1947) is an American politician and former Alabama state judge best known for being twice elected to and twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court. He also is the founder and president of the Foundation for Moral Law. Moore is the Republican nominee in the special election on December 12, 2017 to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions”. I wouldn’t have known who Moore is or given the forthcoming election a second thought but for allegations coming to light that a long while ago he sexually assaulted a minor. I suspect though the election is a big deal given what else is going on in politics and in the country.

Whether he did or he didn’t do the assault is not known for sure as it rests on one person’s word (with little evidence to back it) against another. Giving the nasty earlier attacks by the Washington Post which ran the story against Moore and with the Democrats that have been pushing the story on top of earlier personal attacks, doing so presumably for political gain, I am skeptical as to its veracity but can’t rule it out. All of which is conjecture until we know precisely what if anything had transpired. Nor do I believe the accusations can be put on par with the allegations against Weinstein and Spacey concerning sexual impropriety , because in those cases the evidence is a lot more compelling (indeed partly at least admitted). If he did do wrong, I hope Moore will do the honourable thing and step down, and for justice to take its course. If he did no wrong, then Moore would be in his rights to continue to fight the election and seek exoneration, although unless the matter is resolved soon there will be voters who might have voted for him not doing so now, based on the adage there is no smoke without fire. I support Sean Hannity (see here) and Donald Trump (see here) imo balanced views on the matter, based on the innocent to proved guilty premise and we need to take responsibility for our actions and bear the consequences.

One unhelpful distraction in the recent sequence of events is that of certain of Moore supporters, presumably seeking to be helpful, rationalizing certain alleged sexual wrongdoings (if that is what is being claimed to have happened) on religious grounds. One article written by Ed Stetzer, an Evangelical (the same camp as Moore and his supporters) comes under the title “No, Christians Don’t Use Joseph and Mary to Explain Child Molesting Accusations” and strongly seeks to demolish those arguments on theological and moral grounds. I concur with his arguments and there can be no excuse for sexual misconduct, but first it needs to be proved. It is sobering (and right) to think there needs to be boundaries to observe when dealing with others, especially minors, so there be no question of sexual misconduct. It is sad to think that at this time when so many sexual crimes are now coming to light (a very good thing) that the innocent may also be accused and have to suffer. As always in such matters, I hope truth will win out in the end.

Update 14/11/17: I believe it to be a good thing to want to believe the best about people. I recognise the propensity to do this even more that when you agree with or like them. I confess that compared with his political rivals I am more likely to like Moore because I share his worldview. Even the conservative Matt Drudge, whose daily report I follow, is running stories showing Moore in a bad light as further accusations of past wickedness and if true present lies come to light, and he must go. I don’t have a good feeling about this and while I hope he will be exonerated I only do so if he is innocent, and I fear the worse. As for the liberal left and their Christian allies, who appear to be leading the witch hunt, I find their emphasis regrettable and that is a pity because the alternatives to Moore, ideologically and practically speaking, may well be worse.


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