Humanity’s greatest threat – Sin!

In today’s preaching, the preacher posed the question: what is the greatest threat to humanity?

He made several suggestions, which I have slightly modified here, to which we could other titles:

  1. Donald J Trump
  2. Vladimir Putin
  3. The Middle East situation and the refugee crisis
  4. The Chinese (or come to that any number of other regimes)
  5. Global Warming and Climate Change
  6. Nuclear annihilation


The preacher argued it was none of the above and that the answer was sin. He went on to expound Romans 6, which if I were to give a summary of its main theme, it is about being dead to sin and alive to righteousness. It all got me thinking, but first a piece of wisdom from an earlier generation, concerning a pithy letter that was sent to the Times in 1910: “What is wrong with the world today?” Dear Sir, I am, Yours, G.K.Chesterton”. This no doubt reflected his strongly held Christian beliefs, including that of the sinfulness of man.

My strongly held Christian beliefs have not changed all that much since becoming a Christian when aged 15, except in one important regard. In my early days, I was discouraged from getting too embroiled with the various concerns listed above and rather focus on becoming a good Christian and spreading the word. Over the years, I experienced a transformation, realizing if I am to do good in the world I cannot ignore these matters and any who read my blog posts and postings on social media will realize I address all the above and more, and am often in a minority and getting into hot water when I do so, especially concerning the first item 🙂

One reason for going to a church whose theology is conservative and reformed is that among other things it serves as a useful corrective and helps prevent me going off the rails and remind me of my calling to spread the Word. Of course I cannot ignore these more worldly matters nor refrain from giving a view when it is needed, but all sorts of other things need taking into consideration like what practically is involved when it comes to loving my neighbor.

Notwithstanding, I am called to preach the gospel (check here). I believe, while there are many good people around including many who do not share my religious beliefs, we are all sinners, lost now and for eternity. We need to repent of our sin and trust in Christ as our Saviour. Then it is a matter of being dead to sin and alive to Christ and living righteously (imputed and actual). As for humanity, there are many threats, but the main one is our own sinfulness.


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