Eating at the Old Walnut Tree

A couple of weeks back we decided to visit an  old favorite for a delayed Valentine’s meal. Our party was four persons and to see what I wrote last time skip beyond the asteriskes. We visited early midweek lunchtime and it was already quite busy. I decided to go for the mixed grill and my companions went for the nicer cuts of steak, which they enjoyed thoroughly. The steaks were succulent and the only complaint was specifying along the spectrum rare to well done made no difference – all came out medium. I enjoyed my mixed grill and while my ideal combination includes pork and lamb chops rather than chicken breast, I did think the chicken especially nice. My main gripe was my cheaper steak, unlike my companions, was NOT succulent. While fairly full from our generous main course portions we still went for desserts and although limited in choice were impressed by the apple pie. Service and ambience was more than acceptable and price was exceptional. Not only did we benefit from the mid week deals on offer but one of our group had one of those discount thingies on a mobile to present. All in all a pleasant experience and one that we will likely repeat in the near future.


From time to time, following Sunday morning church service Mrs B and I decide that on our day of rest rather than prepare lunch at home we would eat out. Today the Old Walnut Tree situated at the corner of Soutchurch Boulevard and Lifstan Way got the nod.

We have been there on a few occasions before and I go back to my youth when my dad drank there (in those days it was called the White Horse and was well known in the town), when it was just a pub, and we have been there to eat a few times since and notably was where we held the wake when my mum died 4 years ago, but not yet under its new owners (who took over some 18 months back).

We were surprised when we walked in just before 1pm to discover all the tables had been reserved, although most had not yet been taken up, but were told we could have one of them providing we were through by 2.30, which on this occasion was not a problem. The restaurant was in a cosy setting, and we were pleased there was no sports going on, on one of its many big screens, one of its main attractions. We ordered at the bar – both of us had steak with the trimmings (chips, peas, onions, tomato and mushrooms – my wife chose sirloin and me ribeye). She chose a cup of tea and me a pint of Stella – and that was it. Service was swift and friendly, and the pub/restaurant that was beginning to fill up had a nice ambience.

My wife enjoyed her tea (perfect) and while she liked her meal, which while served to perfection, the steak was a little on the tough side. I enjoyed my Stella (I generally do on the few occasions I can) and I thought the steak was fantastic. It was succulent, melt in the mouth stuff, and it was quite gratifying as my chewing days appear over and I did not need to chew on this occasion. Everything was served hot as we like it and all the condiments were there (we love English mustard). This was not a day for us to hang around; we were happy to leave in order to have a nap etc. before going out again this evening. The price paid for our meals represented good rather than outstanding value and but for the bit tough in one case point the meals could not be faulted. Checking out what appeared to be a comprehensive menu selection, we noted some excellent, low cost mid week deals, including for OAPs (which now includes me).

And most definitely, we have The Old Walnut Tree down on our will return to again list, probably availing ourselves of one of the tempting mid-week meal deals on offer. Certainly this is an eating place to recommend to others although while it was clearly flexible one would be advised to book in advance to ensure being served!


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