Biographies, obituaries and tributes

One of the unintentional consequences of my becoming a regular blogger is I often find myself writing about named individuals, often shortly after their death. Some I knew personally and others by reputation only. Some were well known and others only known in their tight inner circle. Some whose funerals I got to attend in order to pay my respects; others this was not possible. I also found myself reflecting on figures of history, often in the light of things happening around me of consequence. And then there are others, still alive but who I felt I should write about because of something significant happening, and this often involved my attending some event in which they had played a prominent role. I have tried to adopt the “true, necessary and kind” principle and focus on the positives.

Book 9: Last updated 30/01/18

27/01/18 Varghese Mathai – evangelist – a personal tribute

22/01/18 Ray Davy – a personal tribute

15/10/17 Del and Michelle’s wedding

21/09/17 Sir Teddy Taylor

17/09/17 Roger Ninnis – 31 Years of faithful service

04/09/17 In Loving Memory of Roy White

19/08/17 Remembering Sir Bruce Forsyth

25/07/17 Reg Copley

22/07/17 Alan Brown (22/06/61 – 07/04/17)

21/07/17 O.J.Simpson

07/06/17 Geoff Carr – Evangelist

22/03/17 Martin McGuinness – terrorist and statesmen

28/02/17 Rob Tinlin steps down

25/02/17 Two funerals in a week

29/01/17 John Hurt RIP

24/01/17 A tribute to Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

17/01/17 Martin Luther King, Jr.

05/01/17 Ealing vicarage rape victim Jill Saward dies

28/12/16 A year of deaths

26/12/16 George Michael RIP

19/12/16 Deaths of Lionel Blue and Zsa Zsa Gabor

04/12/16 Judge Jeanine Pirro

26/11/16 Fidel Castro’s legacy

18/10/16 Mary Whitehouse

13/10/16 Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize

09/10/16 Sheela Abraham

08/10/16 Tom Eastwell – an inspirational teacher

26/09/16 Arnold Palmer – the man who changed golf

24/09/16 New bench in Cluny Park

15/09/16 Billy Graham and Franklin Graham

04/09/16 Facing the Canon

31/08/16 Biggles

06/08/16 Hillary Clinton

05/08/16 Gary Sobers

23/06/16 Ellie Butler

21/06/16 F.B.Meyer

04/06/16 Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies

22/05/16 An evening with Terry Waite

26/04/16 Happy Harry

21/04/16 Inspirational heroes

08/03/16 Death of a godmother

17/02/16 Peter Tatchell – a national treasure!?

08/02/16 Dmitri Mendeleev

01/02/16 Terry Wogan

15/01/16 J.I.Packer

03/01/16 David Bowie

03/01/16 A.W.Tozer

16/12/15 Dr. Claire Joseph

15/12/15 Time Person of the Year – Angela Merkel

03/12/15 The Tony Benn legacy

13/10/15 Terry Whitman

07/10/15 David Wilkerson – prophet

25/09/15 Rev. Ken Leech

16/09/15 C.S.Lewis – a life

14/08/15 Albert

05/08/15 Willie Thorne’s gambling addiction

03/08/15 Remembering Cilla

31/07/15 Peter O’Sullevan – horse racing legend

02/06/15 Harold Wilson’s legacy

03/05/15 Albert Belden (1883 – 1964)

10/04/15 Richie Benaud – cricket legend

24/01/15 Martin Luther King

11/01/15 Andrae Crouch – music legend

01/01/15 Sir David Amess MP

11/12/14 Unsung heroes

02/12/14 General William Dobbie

27/11/14 Dominic Bann – hockey player

12/09/14 Remembering Ian Paisley

12/08/14 Robin Williams RIP

24/07/14 Lord Denis Healey

03/06/14 Bonhoeffer

30/05/14 The legacy of Stephen Sutton

02/05/14 A tribute to Joe Goodman

25/03/14 Tony Benn – a true democrat


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