Hillary Clinton

I have already put on record that when it comes to choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in November’s US Presidential Election that I would choose NEITHER (as discussed in a recently blog comparing the two), and since it is a hypothetical question, as I do not have any say in the matter, I am relieved I do not have to make that choice. Relieved but not unconcerned, for all sorts of reasons covered in my earlier blogs, and a matter for regular prayer, for humanly speaking I can’t see a good outcome. As there has been recent developments, I felt I should offer some more thoughts.


I have just taken one of those many quizzes that have recently become popular on social media. In this case it was to find out which presidential candidate I am more likely to side with, where I was asked my views on a several wide ranging issues. The surprising result was: “I side with Hillary Clinton on most 2016 Presidential issues. Hillary scored 64% compared with Donald’s 46%.

I recently had an email exchange with a friend who was no fan of Hillary. He pointed me to some of the dirt currently being heaved onto Hillary (check out the links here and here), even though it appears that being the shrewd campaigner, based on years of experience, which she is, most of it has not been able to stick, at least not yet. I also note criticisms concerning Benghazi (see here) and her alleged anti-Israel posture (see here). I have to add (almost in passing) that support for Israel is a delicate issue and even some pro-Israel supporters are skeptical regarding Donald (see here). My worry is US administrations tend to support the Israel government for the wrong reasons (a subject no doubt for a future blog).

On top of this and here I am in no doubt, is her support for Abortion and Planned Parenthood, Gay Marriage and measures that will lead to curtailing religious freedom, all of which I regard as being of particular importance. Along with the untoward consequences of political correctness and the agendas of powerful vested interests (ranging from pro big business, pro Arab and pro Israel – subject for a future blog)  dominating the culture and peoples’ lives, putting aside social justice and character concerns, I am inclined to believe USA’s interests would be best served by Donald, despite his many glaring faults. Yet Hillary is a slippery character, who knows how to “play the game” and, while I am adverse to making personal attacks, I have many reservations regarding Hillary’s character and her commitment to helping the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and pertinently that includes women (Roger Stone’s points are worth considering). Her lavish, recent support at a Rothschild (bankers) fund raising dinner showed her up as more beholden to and aligned with the establishment, whose interests and priorities hardly align with those of the common people, than Donald.

Hillary may be seen as a “safer pair of hands” (than Donald), and for many of my more liberal leaning friends she has come to be seen as less obnoxious than Donald and the lesser of two evils. Even my more conservative friends have reservations about Donald (discussed in previous blogs: here, here and here). Based on the results of the afore-mentioned quiz and my antipathy toward Donald (ref.my earlier blogs), I might, hypothetically at least, find myself casting my vote for Hillary. However, that is not going to happen; it can’t. As my late (cockney) mother might have said: “All Gawd help us” or, maybe more delicately, if the US motto “In God we Trust” means anything, now is the time to put it into practice.


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