Judge Jeanine Pirro

I have noticed in recent years a number of celebrity judges coming to the fore, like Judge Judy and Judge Rinder. Not only are they to do with deliberating over legal matters but some popular TV talent shows, like Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor, have their own judges too, with the likes of Len Goodman and Simon Cowell now becoming household names. But I would like to consider here one recently discovered judge from across the Pond: Jeanine Piro.


A few months ago I had never heard of Judge Jeanine, whose earlier career included working as a judge in the American court system and later becoming involved politically, and that might still have been the case if I hadn’t become an avid follower of the recent US Presidential campaign and now as I look on President elect Trump preparing to become the actual president in January.  Not only is she an unapologetic and unwavering Trump supporter but she also hosts a popular TV show that commentates on what is happening politically, drawing in contributors far and wide. While she does bring in those opposed to Trump, most are Trump sympathizers and/or have dealings with him. I confess to quite liking the show.

Those who read my blogs will know that while I share many of the misgivings others have shown concerning Donald Trump, I happen to prefer many of the stands he has made and continues to make on many issues, ahead of any of his rivals. While I try to get my information from many sources, and go beyond those whose opinions happen to most closely align with my own, I confess I do have my favourites, and one of these is Judge Jeanine. Her famous “opening statements” where she gives full vent to her feelings on any number of issues, but usually related to US politics and/or her defence of Trump, are (for me) must watch viewing, for not only is it great entertainment, it is a helpful corrective to the anti-Trump sentiment that is has regularly been given full vent by several of my friends who post on Facebook and in what I see in the British media.

One of my earliest blog posting had the title “True, necessary and kind”, where I came up with the “TNK principle”, which I use as a benchmark when judging those who make public utterances, and I encourage others to adopt. When it comes to truth, while I have not found Jeanine to lie, she is selective in drawing in facts that best support her arguments. When it comes to necessary, while she argues her case well and her concerns are worthwhile ones, she can be rather overpowering and dismissive when she comes up against those who she disagrees with. When it comes to kindness, while she can be a congenial and gracious host, some of her comments directed against those she doesn’t agree with can be quite vitriolic.

Regarding how Jeanine scores on abiding by the TNK principle, she falls way short on getting top marks. However, I find her shows, which are available on YouTube, compelling viewing as I try to make sense of US politics and world events, and well worth my watching.


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