Political perspectives

I suppose if life had been different I would have become a politician, given my early socialist leanings, (some say I have – through stealth) but things took a different route and the rest is history. Part of that history was my third career from around the turn of the millennium was becoming a community activist and, while I tried to keep out of politics, I found politics invariably affected what I tried to do, and I got to rub shoulders with politicians of all shades. My interest in politics is local and national; national and international. I have written many articles relating to my political interest and include a selection of what I deem to be the more pertinent here. This is definitely one subject where the plot thickens and this is reflected in my writings. Coming from a nailing one’s colours to the mast brigade, it is especially difficult that when I write I do not come down to any preferred political party, and feel nowadays my energies are best directed elsewhere. I suppose I could be classed as a libertarian, right leaning, anti-globalist, values voter. Some will see it as ironic that in a recent set of UK elections I voted for the UKIP candidate in the local election and the Green candidate in the national election, and would vote for my recently deceased Tory MP simply because he was a good bloke. I tend to vote on the basis of evaluating the main issues, how the parties and the candidates seek to address these and what I think of each individual candidate when it comes to doing what is best for those he/she seeks to represent. I can quite understand that, along with religion, politics has often been regarded as a taboo subject and why many I rubbed shoulders with in the past played their political cards close to the chest. I do disagree when some say politics and religion should be unrelated. My own position is while I recognise and respect people from my own religious stable might see things  differently when it comes to politics, religion informs and inspires my politics. While I might be deemed as a political neutral and a floating voter, it is not that I don’t care. I write prolifically on political related issues because I do care and wish to waken folk on the various alternatives.

Book 7: Last updated 05/02/18


16/01/18 Can you be both C(c)onservative and Christian?

06/01/18 Blair, LaMonte, and a second Brexit referendum?

13/12/17 Judge Moore and the Alabama Senate race

10/12/18 Are UK Politicians losing the plot?

27/11/17 St Lukes Local Election – May 2018

10/09/17 Leaving the EU – deal or no deal

26/09/17 Southend councillor defects from Labour to Conservative

25/09/17 German election results

14/09/17 Navigating the British political landscape

24/08/17 When left and right unite

14/08/17 The Alt Right and White Supremacy

22/07/17 Council Webcasts (7)

10/07/17 Momentum – good or bad for Labour

27/06/17 Tories and DUP together

14/06/17 General Election 2017 – what next

09/06/17 General Election 2017 – the Results (1)

06/06/17 General Election 2017 – Final Thoughts

05/06/17 Southend East Hustings 2017 – the outcome

24/05/17 Southend (West and East) Hustings 2017

20/05/17 General Election 2017 – my choice and why

08/05/17 French Presidential election results – Round Two

07/05/17 The Labour Party and Britain’s political future

05/05/17 Local Elections 2017

02/05/17 General Election 2017 – the Southend line up

29/04/17 My hopes for Brexit

28/04/17 Kipperwatch Southend revisited

21/04/17 Marine Le Pen, terror and the French Presidential elections

18/04/17 Theresa May calls a General Election

13/04/17 Paul Joseph Watson and my own political outlook

15/03/17 Brexit – and the future of the Union

14/03/17 Religion and politics

25/02/17 Reflecting on two by elections

18/01/17 Obama’s Legacy (4)

02/01/17 An astonishing political year

06/12/16 Triggering Article 50 (2)

14/10/16 Scottish Referendum, Brexit and Marmite

20/09/16 Jeremy or Owen?

31/07/16 Kippers and Greens (3)

14/07/16 From Cameron to May

11/07/16 Brexit musings

25/06/16 The EU Referendum aftermath (2)

24/05/16 The EU Referendum (7)

09/05/16 Local elections 2016 – dust and discretion

30/04/16 May 5th – Local Election thoughts

23/04/16 St. Lukes Local Election 2016 – who to choose?

20/03/16 Iain Duncan Smith and Welfare Reform

20/11/15 Keir Hardie, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

02/11/15 Conservatism and Socialism

13/10/15 Caring Conservatives

28/07/15 Political Reflections

20/05/15 Southend’s Rainbow coalition

17/05/15 Kippers and Greens

09/05/15 Election results 2015 (3)

02/05/15 British Elections 2015 (6)

30/04/15 Vote UKIP!?

27/04/15 General Election Hustings (3)

12/03/15 Kipperwatch Southend (3)

02/02/15 Thatcherism revisited

27/01/15 Greek elections and austerity

04/12/14 Political ramblings

11/10/14 The UKIP factor

22/08/15 General Election 2015

26/05/14 Election results – part 3

04/05/14 Indian elections

28/04/14 Election time again

24/04/14 UKIP posters


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