Paul Joseph Watson and my own political outlook

I suppose, if I had not got religion in my youth I might have turned out to be a Labour Party activist, for prior to my conversion that is how I saw myself turning out to be. Lots of water of has gone under the bridge since then and I have oscillated from political antipathy to support swapping between the parties. These days I don’t place myself in any camp and contrary to popular belief, I am no more right leaning than I am left. While I reckon our greatest needs are more spiritual than political, I recognize through politics changes can be wrought. I see myself these days more as a watchman, trying to make sense of the world, warning and encouraging, focusing on doing my bit for the world and being a good person.


I have been taken to task in recent weeks for referring to sources outside of the mainstream, considered extreme, in order to help in gaining understanding. These include Alex Jones, David Icke and Milo Yiannopoulos, all of which I have blogged about. Other names could be added, e.g. the USA’s answer to UK’s Katie Hopkins, Ann Coulter, and Paul Joseph Watson, who I am about to get to. All have their faults and not everything they say I agree with and usually when I do share their views I make this clear. I do so because things I care about are not covered by the mainstream media, when I consider they should be. For example, I shared yesterday on my Facebook page a link to a story titled: “They Thought She Was Insane: Doctor Finds RFID Chip In Sex Trafficking Victim…” and asked why is this not covered?

One who would cover stories such as this and has is Paul Joseph Watson, which (uncomplimentary) is introduced by Wikipedia as “a YouTube personality, radio host, writer, and conspiracy theorist based in London, England. He is the Editor-at-Large of, a site that promotes conspiracy theories relating to American and international politics, and a contributor to Infowars’ talk radio programme The Alex Jones Show …”. Two of his YouTube videos, which I watched in the past day or so, and shared on my Facebook page, given the importance of the content and the lack of coverage in mainstream media are: “Pedophiles Rule the World” and “I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SWEDEN“. The reaction to my posting was predictably mixed, given the polarization of opinion about these controversial subjects, among many others, that we are now seeing. The guy is seen by some as extremist and hate mongering as well as politically incorrect. Yet in my analysis, what PJW presents and argues is often timely and is mostly spot on, and more than compensates for his supposed faults.

I would much rather lead a quiet life than putting my head above the parapet only to be shot down. But we are living in worrying times and I am duty bound to point out some of the dangers we are now seeing, grateful that the likes of PJW, who have researched their material, despite their questionable (according to some of my friends) opinions, help to provide me with suitable ammunition. Being taken over by radical Islam and the prevalence of high level pedophile rings is not conspiracy theory, it is reality we need to be awakened to, and if not mainstream media doing the job we ought rightly expect, then who? We are as many others have said living in interesting times, but now more than ever is the time to become wised up. My fear is if moderate folk like me are mocked and ignored then there will be a painful price to pay including takeover by extremists, and will lead to war between the poles that misses the opportunity of building upon where there is common ground.


One thought on “Paul Joseph Watson and my own political outlook

  1. Glen says:

    I disagree with you and your postings a lot of the time (as you know) but I support your right to say what you say and more power to you!

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