Christianity and community action

When it comes to Christianity it is, like any other religious belief, something that fascinates me, yet I cannot ignore the notion that religion as a subject leaves me cold whereas having a relation with the main subject of the Christian religion, the Lord Jesus Christ, inspires and enthuses me. This is what motivates my community activism, even though many of my community blogs are meant as religion neutral. Sometimes, however, when I do write, I relate particularly to the subject of Christianity, whether historically, how it manifests itself within the culture (good and bad) or in reflecting on various doctrines and applications. What follows is a rather mixed bag but all the articles referred to are significantly to do with the subject of Christianity and, more often than not, not in some ethereal way but rather as to how it impacts on the community.

Book 6: Last updated 05/02/18

25/01/18 What I believe about the Bible

14/01/18 Earnestly contending for the faith

25/12/17 Midnight Christmas Communion at St. Lukes

03/12/17 The life and times of Elijah the prophet

13/11/17 The Anglican revisionist agenda

29/10/17 The Protestant Reformation revisited

21/10/17 John Wycliffe and John Huss

07/10/17 Stuart Windsor; Christian Solidarity and Martyrdom

15/09/17 Martin Luther – the monk who shook the world

26/08/17 Love thy neighbour

21/08/17 Clarence Road Baptist Church – 135 years serving Southend

16/08/17 Sin

13/07/17 Covenant and Church for Rough Sleepers

02/07/17 Yesterday’s Bible study on the subject of “the church”

30/06/17 Gnostics and hope

14/06/17 Can / should Christians operate in the political arena?

11/06/17 Our way and God’s way

14/05/17 A bruised reed

26/04/17 Truth and Grace

20/04/17 Christianity: left and right; anywheres and somewheres

16/04/17 Easter 2017 meditation

10/04/17 False and true prophets

22/02/17 Waking up to worldwide persecution

05/02/17 Humanity’s greatest threat – Sin!

29/12/16 The resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

26/12/16 Alec Motyer and Isaiah

24/12/16 To pray or not to pray

17/12/16 Runaway World

12/12/16 Being a Christian and a community activist

25/10/16 Liberation theology

22/10/16 CARE

20/09/16 Leadership is Male

30/08/16 Non-Violent Extremists

28/08/16 Christian Yoga

31/07/16 Contemplating church

15/05/16 Caring For Life

12/05/16 The Church – truth and/or unity!?

02/04/16 Controversially important preaching topics

29/03/16 Christians suffering for their faith

26/03/16 Risen

22/03/16 Christless Christianity

11/03/16 When Christians speak out

19/02/16 Love, truth and unity

14/02/16 Sacramental Love

13/02/16 When the Pope and the Patriarch meet

24/01/16 Gospel preaching, community activism

21/01/16 A living conversation with Giles Goddard

10/01/16 Schism in the Anglican Church!?

17/12/15 Spirituality without religion

10/10/15 The King James Bible

29/09/15 Chrislam – a one world religion

25/09/15 Pope Francis and climate change

20/09/15 Puritans, conscience and homosexuality

13/08/15 Solomon’s Song of Songs (1)

03/07/15 Generous Justice; Greek Debt

01/07/15 When God doesn’t make sense

22/06/15 Gleanings in Ruth

11/06/15 Calling the prodigals

09/06/15 Social justice and church mission

06/06/15 Four and a half point Calvinism

17/04/15 The Inclusive Church (2)

17/04/15 The Inclusive Church (1)

04/04/15 Easter

29/03/15 Palm Sunday

14/03/15 Christian Conscience

13/03/15 Progressive Christianity

18/01/15 Politics, Religion and Poverty

10/01/15 Christian Concern

21/12/15 Advent

16/12/14 Evangelicals Catholics Liberals

12/12/14 Christian Fundamentalism (2)

10/12/14 Politics and Religion

07/12/14 What would Jesus do?

18/11/14 Women Bishops

14/11/14 Nice Christians

01/10/14 The Unprofitable Servant (2)

02/09/14 Social Justice

09/09/14 Christian persecution

22/07/14 Christian Fundamentalism

09/06/14 REVIVE

15/04/14 Holy week

11/04/14 SIWG, Bismilla, Lent

09/04/14 Street Pastors

22/03/14 Signs of the times


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