Christian Concern

One of the fascinating imponderables of life is learning you don’t know it all and there are better or different ways of seeing things, something I realise when it comes to dealing with my rough sleeper friends and why I am grateful to those who do see things differently and are able to achieve what I can’t. When it comes to what is happening in the big wide world, I make it my business to read what people who see things differently to me think, not necessarily in order to change my mind but rather to reflect more deeply on the issues that confront me and be more effective in my response.

Two regular postings that help me see the world differently, for which I am grateful, are from Pink News and Christian Concern, although the latter usually better aligns with my own views. Such is the nature of today’s media reporting, I find these offer perspectives I don’t get to see otherwise. I thought to go through the headings of this week’s Christian Concern bulletin and offer my own reflections on the matters raised, realising others will have other priorities and see things differently. I could do something similar for Pink News but then not all the issues they raise are those I care about!

Thank you for your support in 2014

Besides giving a brief summary of the work they did in 2014, there is also an appeal for financial support, understandable for advocating on behalf of Christian principles in the public square can be a costly business especially if working through the court system. I believe the work they do is necessary and needs support!

Help defeat the death bill, next Friday

I have written about this bill previously. I support this call.

‘Gender-abortion’ cases due in court

Regarding abortion, I am against it and regret the subtle liberalization of abortion practices by the current administration, which includes turning a blind eye to abortion based on gender, and is why I support the case to prosecute those breaking the law, something the government has failed to do.

PM cites Britain’s Christian values

While it is good to see the PM support Christian values, sadly the actions of his government does not support his words, as I have discussed here and here.

Christian faith ‘at heart of our national life’

As with the PM’s stand above, it is good to see support from among our senior politicians, except sadly actions do not match words as this article demonstrates.

Paris shooting highlights threat of Islam

I should firstly say that I mourn along with the French people over the devastating effects of the recent Paris terrorist attacks, inspired by radical Islam, and value the support of moderate Muslims. However, we should not be fobbed off by powers that be insisting Islam is essentially a religion of peace and wake up to what is going on, while standing with our Muslim friends (click here).

Government may introduce meat labeling

This is not something I would normally have strong views, except halal or kosher meat is being introduced to an unwitting British public by stealth for commercial gain and to appease a vociferous minority. As a minimum, I support the need for people to know how the animals that provide the meat they eat are killed.


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