My hopes for Brexit

It is no secret that I support Brexit. While I have been a euroskeptic since my youth, I wanted to consider the case for remain but in the end followed by instincts and logic and voted leave, and gave my 40+ reasons for doing so. Since that time it was tempting to have cold feet as one after another pointed to the problems beginning to arise and set to worsen once the decision to leave the EU had been made. While in my simplicity I had expected that while there would be a matter of taking a little time to tie up loose ends before the parting of ways, it did not occur this might be a long winded process. Two years seemed more than enough time to work out the transition to a new paradigm, ideally in the spirit of cooperation rather than confrontation. I felt it should be more like a no fault divorce where the main issues would be the dividing of assets and agreeing access to children. Post referendum, seeing the nastiness of EU partners at work, and what I see as the dark side of the move toward globalism, I was even more convinced the UK made the right decision. If I have a hope, it is the EU would fold altogether, replaced by sovereign nations cooperating with each other in a spirit of friendship.


Quite frequently, I would read stories and follow discussions as to how costly Brexit would turn out and all sorts of problems that will take many years to resolve, and if only we could turn back the clock or make Brexit as soft as possible, but my view remains a simple one – without further delay, we need to agree a divorce settlement, hopefully amicably but a lot depends on our EU partners, but if we can’t it is a matter of simply stopping paying our dues (quite reasonable if no longer a member of the club), taking our share of the capital assets and adjusting to life post Brexit, doing deals with whoever wants to deal with us. While there seems to be a mystery behind doing trade deals, one of many issues meant to frighten us, I don’t understand why it has to be as complicated – we have things we would like to sell to and buy from you and the other way round (we being the UK and you being one of the many nations and conglomerates around the globe who we could trade with) – so let’s do a deal and get on with it with minimal fuss. While we are at it, in the spirit of good neighborliness, let’s work out how to build good relationships and on considerable common ground that benefit us and the world at large – that is after all what good governance is all about and why we need to engage politically and as good citizens. Is it too much to expect the British people to be consulted – a good reason for an election and for leaving? These are my Brexit hopes!


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