Breakfast at the “Mind How You Go” café

One of the biggest for me deprivations during these recent “lockdown” months was not being able to eat out at one of my traditional breakfast haunts. In the big scheme of things, this is minor, compared for example with these, along with other businesses, suffering economic deprivation and even disaster through not being able to operate. But a little bird told me that “Mind How You Go”, a cafe I visited last year and comented on (see below), was open for business. Following what is becoming now a routine for me, a walk in the park (as gyms etc. have yet to open), I decided to check it out rather than rustle up something at home, and I am glad I did. I was half expecting a take away service only but sit down was ok and, while the purists might tut tut, they took common sense measures for social distancing. I noticed there had been a refurbishment since visiting last time and while a small price hike, the all day breakfast was more than acceptable and good value, and again service with a smile. I should add that since making a suggestion about more visibility on what is on offer, times, prices etc., they have come up with a very nice menu – their lunch time roasts look tempting! Good luck to Mind How You Go. I have it down for future visits and hope the business prospers.


This morning I had an hour to kill between two appointments and what better way to spend it by trying out a new breakfast place. This one goes by the snappy title “Mind How You Go” (it used to be called “Table Manners” and before that Bunters) and is on the Sutton Road, Southend, opposite Coleman Street (where there was close by parking), having been taken over these past few months.

I found their premises airy and light and the service friendly and efficient. There was a number already inside when I arrived around 8.30. I decided to choose between their all day breakfast offering (which these days for me is enough – as proved to be the case) or I could effectively double up. The price was £3.90 and besides the normal breakfast fare, including a half decent sausage, it also included tea and toast. I preceded to wait (no newspapers so I decided to check out my Facebook messages) but I didn’t have to wait long, and when I did what was served was cooked to perfection.

It was nice to talk briefly between mouthfuls of bacon with one of the staff who gave me the run down on the café’s history and what was offered, including full roast lunches. Certainly, it was a pleasant experience and extremely good value. I checked out their Facebook page, which could improve by including opening times and menus, and made a mental note this was a place I would like to return to.


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