Gunners Park; Toby breakfast; post lockdown

So let’s start with the boring bit … I got up early – I mean really early – and did my normal reading, meditating and figuring out who I can upset on social media – and it was still early.

The light bulb came on and next I knew it I was in my car on my way all set for a walk – in Gunners Park, Shoebury, which had got the nod. This is fairly new as the MOD controlled land has in recent years been given back to the public and a half decent job has happened making the Park what it is becoming, where I take pleasure walking from time to time, including along the sea front. Not too much to add – it was a lovely day – even at that early hour 7-8 am there were a number of other walkers (often with dogs) and I got to walk through the fairly rough and ready park just enjoying raw nature, and then along the sea front (tide in) and amazed at the clear view to the Kent coast and of passing shipping.

Now nearly 9 and given a little birdie had told me that the Toby Carvery was opened for business, I thought why not check it out (not much persuading needed). Food was much as I remembered, full English, all nicely cooked and as much of any item I wanted. There wasn’t too many punters – I wonder if they were aware. The only thing that threw me was the post lockdown measures, which they obviously took seriously. It did mean that I had to go back to the bar to get my refillable coffee (no problem – nice guy) and back to the food serving place (strict rule – punters can’t touch) to get salt and pepper (not on my table) and toast and marmalade (that in normal circumstances I get after eating the main course) – and no-one was there (only black mark – or shall we be kind – grey). I did enquire what they did with the track and trace information we needed to provide – and was told it goes to the government!

But both experiences: Gunners and Toby, were positive ones and ones I would be inclined to repeat. I couldn’t help thinking with so much going on in the world of a disturbing nature that I can take these few minutes to reflect on what had been a pleasurable two hours, and how well off I am.


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