Guide to John Barber’s blog (2)

The following is an index of the titles of my more recent blog posts, newest entries first – click on the title to reveal contents title refers to. All blog entries can be accessed via my website, click here. For the index of the older posts, click here.

blog (2)

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (3)

Scottish Referendum, Brexit and Marmite

Franklin Graham – Decision America

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (2)

Is World War 3 imminent?

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective

The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (2)

Sheela Abraham

Tom Eastwell – an inspirational teacher

Life, Marriage and Freedom

Theresa May and her recent conference speeches

Donald or Hillary – three quite different views!?

Does Islam promote violence?

Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away

Israel Says Goodbye to Shimon Peres

Sam Allardyce and English national football managers

The Jungle in Calais revisited

The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (1)

Chess – a new season beckons

Arnold Palmer – the man who changed golf

US Presidential election and the Supreme Court

Tang’s Oriental Buffet Restaurant

David Cameron ‘let down’ by Theresa May

New bench in Cluny Park

No go areas created by rough sleepers

Citizen of Southend Awards

Charlotte Protests and Black Lives Matter

Syrian Truce broken

Leadership is Male

Jeremy or Owen?

Sex education in schools

An interesting two days

Children, safeguarding and the Archers

US Preachers and the US Presidential election

Billy Graham and Franklin Graham

The Great British Bake Off, the Archers and the Syrian Truce

Homeless Reduction Bill (2)

Israel and US Politics

The Last Night of the Proms and Brexit

Helen’s trial (2)

Helen’s trial (1)

Asylum seekers welcome here

Grammar schools and faith schools

Making arguments

Getting rid of my books

Gafcom, gay bishops and the future of the Anglican church

Facing the Canon

I hope I’m wrong…

NHS doctors go on strike (2)

Self Harming (2)


Fools, villains and good guys

Non-Violent Extremists

Christian Yoga

The Homeless Reduction Bill

Hope not Hate (3)

The American Civil War (2)

Trump, Farage and political correctness

The Transgender conundrum (2)

The Labour leadership election and Brexit

Banning the Russians from the Paralympics

The American Civil War (1)

The Rio Olympics (3)

Southend Carnival

A Summer of sport (2)

Self fulfilling prophecies

Walking on Wallasea Island

The Rio Olympics (2)

Squatting in the BHS

The Rio Olympics (1)

Israel (3)

Hillary Clinton

Gary Sobers

Pokemon Go

Hilary or Donald – the Christian decision!?

Homelessness as I see it right now

Kippers and Greens (3)

Contemplating church

Cosmos and the World at War

A summer of sport (1)

Getting back into the loop

From Cameron to May

More in Common

Brexit musings

A season for everything

The P Word conference

Battle of the Somme

Leadership challenges

James Dobson vouches for Donald Trump

Brexit – what next?

The EU Referendum aftermath (2)

A visit to a garden in Priory Park

The EU Referendum aftermath (1)

Ellie Butler


Death, Funerals and Obituaries

The EU Referendum in perspective

Insights into Islam

Orlando Massacre

Charity begins at home (2)!?

The Transgender Conundrum

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies

A visit to the mosque (2)

Becoming an OAP

Deciding whether and when to share our faith?

Winning the end game

The EU Referendum – an alternative perspective

The EU Referendum (7)

The EU Referendum (6)

Goodbye School

An evening with Terry Waite

Christian – go and vote and make sure it is for Trump!?

Culture wars revisited

Council Webcasts (6)

Football – reflecting on the season just gone

To bake or not to bake

Caring For Life

Political corruption

Southend has a new mayor

The Church – truth and/or unity!?

“Thoughts on my visit to The Jungle, Calais”

The EU Referendum (5) – UKIP

Homelessness – an increasing problem

Local elections 2016 – dust and discretion

Londonistan with Khan

Local Elections 2016 – More Reflections

Local Elections 2016 – Telling and Counting

Fossetts Farm development

Golliwogs and political correctness

Claudio Ranieri may not watch today’s Tottenham game

May 5th – PCC thoughts

May 5th – Local Election thoughts

The Labour Party, Anti-Semitism and Proportionality

No Junk Mail

Tories slammed over move to oust leader

BHS collapse

The Hillsborough inquest verdict

Happy Harry

The London Marathon 2016

Train up a child in the way he should go

St. Lukes Local Election 2016 – who to choose?

Hustings time (3)

Council Webcasts (5)

Hustings Time (2)

Inspirational heroes

Should we let foreigners settle in the UK?

The EU Referendum (4)

Rendering unto Caesar and how that affects our voting

Police and crime commissioner elections

Corbyn is leading an effective opposition

A visit to Southchurch Hall Park

EU skewed

Danny Willett wins the Masters

Should Dave resign?

Brexit, the NHS, TTIP and Thatcherism

Launching Southend’s Labour Party Manifesto

Hustings time (1)

T20 Cricket World Cup

The Panama Papers leak

Controversially important preaching topics

Christians suffering for their faith


Should we join the EU?

Christless Christianity

Guide to John Barber’s blog (2)

Iain Duncan Smith and Welfare Reform

Hope for us oldies

Redeveloping the Queensway estate

US and UK politics – the rise of the outsider

Night Shelter time – about to end

When Christians speak out

Queen Backs Brexit

Famous, Rich and Homeless

Death of a godmother

Sunday Trading and Named Persons

Felix Ngole: ‘I am perhaps one of many’

Life inside ‘Islamic State’

Legal Highs (2)

Super Tuesday – America make or break

Animal rights

Addiction, mental health and homelessness

Council Webcasts (4)

Trump and the Evangelical vote

The Queen who is serving the King at 90

Sexual identity, relationships and inclusion

The EU Referendum (3)

Love, truth and unity

Developments in the Jungle

Peter Tatchell – a national treasure!?

US Supreme Court judge dies

Sacramental Love

Returning to the Syrian crisis (1)

When the Pope and the Patriarch meet

Southend – dumping ground for the homeless

Gravitational waves

Burn out

Killing (the homeless) with kindness

Reflections of a blogger – two years in

Dreams and night shelters

St. Lukes leaflet wars!?

Dmitri Mendeleev

The Archers, Rob Titchener and Domestic Violence

Of making many books (1)

The EU Referendum (2)

Homeless deaths

The Iowa Caucuses Explained

Terry Wogan

Do we need a British Islam?

Today I visited our hospital

Ferndale – volunteer guidance

US presidential hopefuls and religion

The England vs South Africa Test Cricket series

Gospel preaching, community activism

Sleeping bags for the homeless

A living conversation with Giles Goddard

Brighton College uniform code for transgender pupils

The SOS Group

Commissioning homeless services

Cheating in sport

My interests as a child

Anglicans and homosexuality

Obama’s legacy (1)

Homelessness – stickability


Chess – short play or long play

Independents in St. Lukes

Cecil Rhodes and Donald Trump – the common factor

NHS doctors go on strike

David Bowie

Schism in the Anglican Church!?

School exams and Ramadam

North Korea – hydrogen bomb

Tightening gun controls in the USA

Why we need a Homeless Prevention Strategy

Cricket lovely cricket (2)

Sunni and Shia; Saudi and Iran


Homeless campers evicted

New Year Honours

Resolutions and Reflections

My Christmas message

The EU Referendum (1)

Freedom of education

Dual diagnosis and homelessness

Regulating young people’s activities

Stop the Traffik

Wheaton College suspends teacher

Favorite foods

Government Watch (1)

Spirituality without religion

Dr. Claire Joseph

Helping the homeless at Christmas

Time Person of the Year – Angela Merkel

Another airport runway


MPs and councilors talking to each other

Banning Muslims


Donald Trump for President!?

More on culture wars

French elections

Accommodating the homeless with complex needs

Skybiz, Amway and Network Marketing

A time of war

The Tony Benn legacy

Syrian bombing and climate change deliberations

Night Shelter – first night reflections

Evicting homeless campers from Southend seafront

Including humanism in school RE lessons

Spending reviews

Sun editorials

Should Britain join air strikes in Syria?

The BBC presenter and the prison worker

Don’t take feminism out of politics A Levels

CRA – the end of an era

Keir Hardie, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

St. Lukes – Voice and Ward

Boycotting Israel

Hope not hate (2)

Clothes and stuff

Remembrance Day

last updated 1st October 2016


One thought on “Guide to John Barber’s blog (2)


    Dear man of God John Barber, i have read all your info and indeed i have loved what you really do and glory be God who made us friends. I also love teaching God’s word, doing charity in form of giving medical care to the homeless and those from extremely poverty stricken families using the limited resources i gather from my salary. Am a medical laboratory technician for a district hospital. John i have learnt that you have gone and done charity to various places like India and Israel but not in Africa yet. Do have any plans to do some of your charities for AFRICA? If yes, am directly involved in child ministry doing and teaching children alot of things ranging from hand made crafts, farming, education, feeding, housing and above all preaching the Good news to these children. I also bear a vision of starting a child-centred program to continue giving free medical care to the most vulnerable. I will reply via email. God bless you John.

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