A summer of sport (2)

I write by way of tying up some loose ends. In my early blog post on the subject, I reflected on what was turning out to be a superb summer of sport for those who take an interest in such things.


While it is still summer and the sun is shining as I write, I realize all too soon it will be over and we will be entering winter, when there will be a different sporting paradigm to face. While winter has its charms, it seems to me that from a sporting perspective there is more to capture ones interest in the summer as opposed to winter. I suppose one reason for this is the onset of the football season (already with us). While this is a prospect some of friends relish, the thought of it makes me depressed. While I don’t wish to appear simplistic or overlook my love for the beautiful game, football at least at a professional level and it gets worse the higher you go, seems to me too often to bring out much of what I dislike in sport.

I daresay there is more sport to come, including pleasant surprises and icing on the cake, especially as we enter this last day or so of Olympic action (covered in a separate post), a worthy culmination of a summer of sport, but I am afraid folk there you have it – almost. There have been many highlights as my previous blog showed. I did not mention motor racing where we (GB that is) were able to produce another world champion. I do see the fascination but then one can’t be expected to show equal interest in every sport.

The one loose end I should tie up is cricket (a game for some bizzare reason I favour). When I last wrote, as far as the England Pakistan test series went it was one test each. It ended up two tests each and what a topsy turvy affair it was, with some great cricket and some poor cricket played and Pakistan thoroughly deserving their draw with several players contributing with outstanding performances. As for England, while they played well in parts with some fantastic individual performances, and showed outstanding promise in certain areas e.g. all rounders, a number of aspects of their game like a lack of reliable batters and spin bowlers and poor fielding were highlighted as areas where improvement is needed if they are to do well in this winter’s India tour and become a truly great side.

So summer is over (almost) and winter is just round the corner, and sport continues to be a bright spot in our often humdrum lives and a point of contact among disparate acquaintances. As for me, besides leisurely work outs at the gym or countryside rambles, my actively participating sporting days are well and truly over, but I can and will follow various sporting activities and, moreover, will do my bit to encourage the next generation to take part in and enjoy sport, always remembering the need to do so in the right spirit.


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