Reflections of a blogger – two years in

It will shortly coming up to two years since I began my blogging career. I reflected on my journey thus far in my 100th post and later on in my 200th post, and what I wrote then still applies.

Little did I realize when I began that blogging was set to become an activity that was set to play an important part in my life and often I ask the question whether this is an escapism from doing what I should be doing or whether I am deluding myself in thinking that my being a blogger is going to make much of a difference.

But the blogging urge is still there and I like to think that if I am not taken first or go doolally that I will continue to blog for the foreseeable future. While it is true that blogging can be an unhelpful distraction and my influence is a lot less than I would hope, the urge to write on all manner of subjects that happen to take my interest, especially from the perspective of a gospel preaching community activist, is as strong now as ever.

I admire people who keep a diary because in a real sense this is something that might be gifted for posterity. I have never had that discipline or determination but, strangely enough, when it comes to my incursions into the blogosphere that has not been the case. To an extent it is part of the legacy I would like to leave and is one of the outputs that arises from being a watchman to what is taking place in the world, much of which is significant. Maybe, when I am long dead and gone, there will be those who might learn how things were.

So a milestone has been reached – this my 500th blog and I give thanks to Almighty God, my family and my friends and sometimes my enemies (in that order) for enabling me to do what I have done thus far and for inspiring and empowering me to write in this way.


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