A season for everything

A Bible passage I often find myself returning to begins: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. It is not my purpose here to expound this passage but rather to reflect how personally I find these words to be poignant.


While there is a time and place for much that we do and our not recognizing this can give rise to all sorts of problems, there are some things like loving our neighbor that will apply to all times and for all places. But right now, I am about to stop blogging for a “season” while I visit foreign parts. With all sorts of ideas on the read, relate and relax front,  my “to do” list is very much what I want it to be. So much has gone on in past months and it has taken its toll. Some of it is topsy-turvy and some is brilliant, so it is good to stand back for a while. I intend to reflect on the many things going on around me in a disormaybenot-passionate manner, taking as it were the wider view, becoming better placed to re-enter the fray. Besides, I hope, I come back a better and more useful person (I need to be). I plan to reflect on my time away when I come back. I have no doubt that there will be much to think and write about when I return, as different events unfold in the interim, for we live in a crazy and unpredictable world, but there is One who is in control. It is to Him I must defer. Maybe this is the time to do and pray rather than to say and pontificate.


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