The EU Referendum in perspective

It has been going on for an age and in less than a week it will all be over, and then other things will vye for our attention. Many will be relieved although many of that many will recognize whatever the outcome there will be consequences we will all have to face. As for the outcome, if the bookies are anything to go by, it will be a mighty close run thing (and surprisingly for me the Leave side have improved in its support, although I suspect it is partly down to it being one in the eye for the political elite and other spurious reasons, although equally those on the Remain side may have been sold the fear narrative of how bad it will be if we were to leave). As for how people are responding to the matter being debated, perhaps this image encapsulates what many could be feeling right now:

eu poll

I am talking about the EU Referendum debate of course. So much has been said by so many from many different backgrounds and outlooks, and it is nigh impossible to take it all in and even much less so apportioning the right weight to either sides evidence (I suspect here ones values will come into it). I have already given my view why I think we should vote to LEAVE (click here) and other than some minor tweaks, what I originally posted more or less covers what I think. Others have presented, arguably, compelling reasons to REMAIN, and it is not my intention to try to demolish such arguments here, for this is not why I am writing.

Soon crunch time will upon us and we will all have to decide. If I were to use three words to encapsulate why I am voting the way I will, these will be “Control”, “Accountability” and “Values”, and if you want elaboration – check out my 30 reasons for voting Leave. I have stood my ground and few have taken stock of what I have said, but the truth is they really are few. I realize friends and adversaries may take issue with my reasons (and they are the polite ones) but it is as a result of much heart searching I have come to this conclusion. While our democracy is far from perfect, given divisions in political parties and the country as a whole and the fundamental point of signing away UK sovereignty, EU membership is one issue that should be given over to a referendum. While whatever the outcome, it will disappoint some, at least the people will have decided.

To say I have been disappointed by the standard of debate thus far would be an understatement. While there have been powerful arguments (by both sides) there has also been a lot of half truths and vitriol and unjustifiable fear mongering and a sense that some of the leading lights have been more motivated by selfish ambition than the common good. I have no wonder there is confusion and disgust on the part of many. Both Remain and Leave camps have led to some strange bed-fellows and I for one will distant myself from some of my fellow Brexiters for appealing to some of the worst instincts in humankind. This includes the Sun newspaper, who is urging its readers to vote to Leave. While I am not a fan of the current administration, I am even less a fan of what might replace it if we were to vote to leave. Having said that, it is right in a democracy for the people to decide rather than an elite.


The temporary suspension of campaigns by both sides in the light of the murder of MP, Jo Cox, is quite right and it is welcomed. I understand Jo would have strongly sided with the Remain camp but all that becomes nigh irrelevant in the light of what happened as together, irrespective of our views, we mourn this tragic loss of life. I have no doubt that like many in both the Leave and Remain camps she wanted what is best for this country and sought to make a difference. Maybe, the message of my local love winning over hate and death campaign is one that should unite us all, regardless of our views and in the light of some of the other recent harrowing news stories. As one of my adversaries on the debate has said, there needs to be a healing and coming together following the referendum, for irrespective of the outcome a “United” Kingdom is what is needed.

I doubt, other than some odd exchanges, I will be that much more involved when it comes to pushing for the EU referendum outcome I feel is needed, and reaffirm my belief as a nation we are facing more a spiritual and moral crisis. I have said what I have said and there I must leave it, recognizing that while I may have influenced the few, I have not done so for the many. I suspect more of my friends will be supporting the Remain rather than Leave argument and I have to respect that. All I would urge is for people to think through the issues and to vote! I think most are in agreement though that the vote outcome will have enormous ramifications for us all. I have no doubt I will, as will many others, be soon reflecting on the aftermath of the vote, whichever way it goes. Like most, I keenly and nervously await the outcome when Thursdays vote is announced, but unlike most I am content to leave it all in the hands of the Almighty.


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