Our three cats

For those folk who might opt to pass when it comes to reading my blog, because of its controversial content, here is something a bit different, aimed at cat lovers. I want to talk about three important members of our family: our cats Fluffy, Mischief and Patchy.

l-r Fluffy, Mischief, Patchy

When we went away for a month recently, the welfare of our cats while away was our most important consideration, as it is when at home. They give us a lot pleasure and are all characters in their own right with their own idiosyncracies. While they show affection, it is on their own terms, and as with cats generally they could well say at the end “and more, much more than this I did it my way“.

Mischief and Patch are siblings (brother and sister) who came to live with us some 12 years ago, shortly after they were born. Fluffy was an abandoned cat who literally turned up on our doorstep and became part of our family. All cats are relatively low maintenance although all have done their fair share of damage around the house (a full redecoration is now in order). All our cats are independent and can be left to their own devices. All give us much pleasure.

Mischief is the most independent of all our cats and except when he comes in because he wants to eat he may simply disappear for hours on end. He is also the most assertive and territorial of our cats, often bringing him in conflict with other local cats. When he wants, he can be affectionate. Many a visitor has been touched by his attention.

Patchy is a cute madam, a delicate flower and of all the cats happy to stay inside (except when it is warm and sunny). She will let us know in no uncertain terms if not happy and is best at manipulation. She spends most of her time asleep in some nook or cranny around the house, often on top of our bed when she can get away with it.

Fluffy is a crazy cat and the most affectionate of the three – often in the wrong place at the wrong time and causing unpredicted havoc, coming in and out of the house at will, yet without malice. Her stand out claim to fame was three years ago when I walked to our local parish church to attend Christmas mass, and she followed me there and back, patiently waiting outside while the service carried on.

We sometimes ponder what would happen to the cats were we to separate. We agreed: Patchy would go with my wife (who adores her); Fluffy (who I see as a kindred spirit) would go with me, and Mischief would go with our son (as both are cool to be kind). I hope though our three cats will be around for years to come (although all are getting on and like we humans are showing signs of slowing down) for all are important, well loved members of our family.


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