Casting pearls before swine – an open letter to an adversary

Dear Paul

I refer to the end of our recent Facebook exchange:

Me: Paul utter b*******. Won’t lower myself to respond further.

You: John Of course you won’t. You have nothing to say that can’t be easily disproved.”

I was tempted to NOT answer but since you seem to claim the moral high ground and some who know no better may be tempted to side with you, I thought I will lay out my position for the record.

I know I can be taken to task for posting mean memes but given you have in the recent past accused me of being a racist, misogynist, islamophobe, homophobe, xenophobe and younameitphobe for offering views that don’t align with your leftie, luvvie, liberal ones, and notwithstanding my “two wrongs don’t make a right” mantra, I wanted to use this as an entree for those others reading this that might like to know my position. I am reminded that the Facebook mission statement is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together” and sadly with you, whenever we clash, the opposite is the case. At least with some of my Trump hating, Brexit opposing friends, they are mindful of important principles like respect and relevance when it comes to discourse, and while we disagree we can do so agreeably without demonizing the other, which regretably does not happen in our case.

But I did honestly try to answer your question: which was name three good things Trump has done? While some of it is about opinion, which I get, knowing your antipathy to reading my blogs like: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” where I argue the case for many times that number, I thought I would at least attempt an answer, all of which and unsurprising you dismiss, but sadly you do so ridiculously, thus backing up my mean meme.

  1. I like to think you are also appalled at the amount of child sex trafficking going on world wide, but when you dismiss my statement that Trump has done more to curb this than his predecessors, all you can do is dismiss the statement, on the basis that my source was Fox News, without even considering the well articulated and backed up points made by the person being interviewed, who from what I could make out had no political agenda and whose sole intention was to eradicate this evil.
  2. When I pointed out Trump’s pro-life position and an example of this is defunding Planned Parenthood, a difficult undertaking giving the PP supporters in Congress that sets budgets, all you could do is point to old men telling women what to do with their bodies and ignoring the anger at people like me feel when babies are killed before they are born, right up to birth, which Trump has opposed by putting his money where his mouth is.
  3. About Trump’s two Supreme Court picks, with more in a similar vein (ie beholden to the Constitution rather than legislating from the bench) in the offing, all you can do is point out the last one is a sex offender, which is UNPROVEN. If anything it points to the hysteria of the left that will vilify and lie over Supreme Court picks to further its progressive (regressive) agenda.

So whether you read this or not, I care not. You try to brow beat those who disagree and talk a load of vitriolic cr*p. I won’t waste more time casting my pearls in your direction, which is a pity since I can think of at least THREE common ground items where we agree.



Note: I have used a made up name as it is not my intention to publicly name and shame Paul.


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