Breakfast at Jay Jeans café

Up to earlier in the week, I never knew this establishment existed. But given my love of doing restaurant reviews and proper English breakfasts, as well as the fact I arrived nearby in the Westcliff area, a half an hour before my next appointment, I decided to pop in and do my usual: eat, observe and then write about it …

I suppose my verdict at the end had to include a little over priced and not much to wow over. While newspapers were there (catching up on world events in “the Sun” is a standard activity) they were yesterdays’s. There was little else to do while waiting, which wasn’t long. However, I could not complain about the traditional breakfast that was on offer, which I rather liked and that the surroundings were bright; it was a clean environment and the service provided was pleasant even if not so warm to get the feeling I was a welcome guest. A few people popping in during my time there indicated they had a regular customer base. Their rest of the day menu looked interesting and worth exploring. While I may well return, it is not on my must return to list.


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