How evil is the evil in the world?

Following on from my article posted yesterday “Who are the good guys? I reckon this question follows. I suppose, for as long as I can remember I have believed there to be evil in the world, and later on in my teens as I came under the influence of “Bible believing” Christians this was reinforced by texts like:

But like most, I suspect, while there are evils, Hitler and Nazism spring to mind, I persuaded myself (and was persuaded) that things aren’t that bad. After all there is much good too, and as a homeless activist I am reminded of this every day. I maybe wrong, but in recent years I have come round to the view there is a lot of evil hitherto hidden and a lot of it is down to powerful people instigating it, using every trick in the book they have control over to convince us it isn’t that bad and when evil is exposed it is an exception.

What has helped to wake me up and challenge the status quo are conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke (and I can already sense people switching off at this point) and things like the Brexit vote, the rise of Donald Trump and a worldwide populist movement, even though I quite understand (without necessarily agreeing) with their detractors who see these as part responsible for other evils. Every day, as I survey my newsfeeds, there is stuff that disturbs me, and one is an article titled: “Detective, Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead Police detective-turned-author killed after exposing government pedophilia network”. Not only was the article talking about, what according to my sources the tip of the iceberg, but he was murdered by the powerful people that he was trying to expose.

I should say there is USA focus to the article but that there are universal issues relating I will get to. The first thing to say is my posting the article gave rise to several comments and some lively exchanges. While the article may attract a certain type of person, typically those relishing POTUS’ efforts to drain the swamp, some of those who got the seriousness of what is going on, including the underlying evil, believe Trump etc. is part of that Swamp. Discussions included identifying the evil and how to deal with it and whether or not Trump was a catalyst in the acceleration of this exposing of evil, which goes far beyond pedophilia and sex slavery, and includes pharmaceutical stitch ups, corruption in the banking system, the shutting down of free speech and moves to control the masses, unwinnable wars and the mammoth migration crisis and the shenanigans of the Deep State and Hidden Hand.

The problem those waking up to these happenings, like the rest of humanity with half a brain, is we know not even a half of what is going on and have to face the daily backlash of them more inclined to accept the official narrative, who tell us we are beholden to fear mongers and conspiracy theorists. If I had words of wisdom to offer, first I would say is to take heed of the words of Jesus (e.g. as above) and pray to the Lord. Then it is to weigh all you read – we all have a tendency to take in things that reinforce our opinions, and that can be dangerous. Then realize things are not necessarily as they seem and we need to allow due process before coming to hasty conclusion. And remember, there are many manifestations of evil and all will be judged on that day we all have to appear before the Almighty. And as for our response, the scriptures are quite clear:

But the issues raised in the article cited are serious ones and must not be shoved under the carpet as has regrettably happened. How many innocents, children especially, have suffered and died in my country, the UK, because things had been ignored and covered up?


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