Prophets of the Bible – the final version

Prophets of the Bible

This is what I wrote by way of introduction of my book “Prophets of the Bible” that is NOW freely available online, and will be in book form by the end of September 2020 (320 pp). We are still working on distribution outlets for the book but if you are interested in acquiring a paper copy and don’t know how, please contact me.

Prophets of the Bible tries to identify EVERY prophet in the Bible, named and unnamed, recognised as a prophet at the time, or said or did something which the author identifies as being prophetic that made him or her a prophet for at least that period, and then to relate a (necessarily) succinct, contextual account of their lives and ministries, together with God’s eternal purposes and its relevance for today. It is a book intended for ALL, irrespective of church or other affiliation, but especially those keen to know about Bible prophets and prophecy and apply this for today. Above all, it tries to encourage the people of God during these “interesting” times.

I have been working on this book from the start of the year, and before that, and I have gone down countless rabbit holes and explored many nooks and crannies by way of research. While there have been many untoward effects of Covid-19 lockdown, one benefit for me is having the time and space to write this book, which is the culmination of fifty years of thinking on the subject and represents something of my own heritage and the legacy I wish to leave.

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To see the book: click here: prophets final

To see the book’s cover, click here: prophets cover

Update 24/09/20: Today I take delivery of the book! Besides distributing some copies to friends I have promised and to other interested persons, I will be leaving some with Southend Christian Bookshop. They will be selling the book at a specially discounted price of £8 for the month of October.

I am working on getting the book to a wider audience and conclude Ingram / Amazon is the way to go. I am being helped in negotiating the process by Jim Holmes (check here for his website). I hope in the next few weeks people from anywhere in the world will be able to buy the book. Watch this space for details!


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