The “Squad” – a view

Until recently, many Brits would not have been much aware of the identities of the four black US Congresswomen (see here for a “neutral” bio) who were recently told by President Trump and some of his supporters to “go home”, but now they have and it has got a wide assortment of people all het up. In particular, it demonstrated to some that Trump is racist (as confirmed over the weekend by the four supposedly diverse opinion wise BBC Any Questions panel) and that the four women are to be applauded by freedom loving folk who care about social justice and sticking up for the poor, especially immigrants (as confirmed by some nice Christians friends of mine).

The question of using sound bites, in particular memes, is a controversial one. It has been argued that it trivializes the debate and adds to the polarization of opinion that we are increasingly seeing. Regarding the image on the left, it encapsulates how many, including the President feel. As for the image on the right, this presents an alternative perspective. I am more inclined to the view presented on the left, yet being married to a “Paki” who has been told to “go home” I know all too well the damage caused by those who say such things. So my two penneth is while I side with the President and his “righteous indignation” about how this unholy, crazy alliance of radical socialists, militant feminists, not nice Muslims, who accuse all who disagree with them as being racist and who fellow Democrats fear to rebuke, have gone about their business, with their un-American, unhelpful and untruthful rhetoric, he should have resisted the temptation of making the comments he did and just kept to the facts, even though he saw a chance to have a pop at and get one over his Democrat rivals as too tempting.

I can imagine some reading this like my friend who commented: “Utter, utter rubbish, lies and total b******t! However it does prove one thing – Conservatives have no morals, decency or integrity and they think their followers will believe anything they post” when I shared the first of these memes on my Facebook page, asking me to substantiate that which I have written. That I can gladly do, but not now as it will take a lot more research to present a case that meets my high standards, bearing in mind that the majority of mainstream media are more focused on calling out POTUS for his “racism” than the gang of four for their distortion of the facts, twisted ideology, vitriolic hatred of the President, evidenced in their calls to “impeach Trump” and constant rubbishing of traditional American values.

But as a parting gesture, here are three sources that do make strong supportive arguments (and there are others to weigh):

  1. Judge Jeanne Pirro (see here)
  2. Tucker Carlson (see here and here)
  3. Times of Israel (see here)

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