Prophets of the Bible – status report

One of the benefits for me of Covid lockdown is being to crack on with something that has turned out to be a lot more challenging than I first thought, and I am nearing the end.

There will be 17 chapters plus the standard preamble: preface etc. I am now in a position to release the drafts (for proof reading) of all except Chapters 2, 14 and 15 (all of which are in various states of progress). I am trying to be in a position to go to printers by the beginning of September and the book available by the end of September. Given current interest in matters to do with Bible prophecy in the light of some of the momentous events already witnessed in 2020, and no doubt more earth shaking events to come, I am keen not to delay. I have tried to focus on sound biblical exegesis rather than speculation and appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestions. While it is true, it is part of the legacy I wish to leave, the project is not about me. Rather it seeks to honour the Lord and, besides opening up a significant one third of the Bible, it seeks to help folk come to terms with events as they unravel.

The following are the links to the chapters that are available (prior to proof reading) – all are available in my blog: 

The Prophets of the Bible – Acknowledgements

Preface to my book: “The Prophets of the Bible”

Introducing the prophets

The Genesis account and prophets

Prophets, kings and priests

Moses and the Wilderness experience

Balaam and assorted false prophets

Deborah and other women prophets

David, Nathan and Gad

Samuel and the Joshua and Judges accounts

Unnamed, unknown and less known prophets

Elijah and Elisha

The Major prophets (Isaiah – Daniel)

Prophets of the New Testament

Learning from the prophets

Tying up loose ends


The following “work in progress” will complete the set:

Chapter 2: The prophets in context

Chapter 13: The Minor prophets (Hosea – Malachi)

Chapter 15: Digging deeper into prophecy


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