Inviting Nigel to mediate between Donald and Theresa!?

Just as with Donald Trump, Nigel Farage is the person leftie, liberal, luvvie types love to hate. While the majority of my UK friends don’t have too much time for Nigel (or Donald come to that), Nigel seems to have become a hit in many quarters in the USA. Trump’s victory has been widely referred to as Brexit plus, and this has been inspired by the UK version of Brexit. While Nigel is unlikely to get the credit he deserves by an establishment that sees him as an embarrassment, he more than any was the architect behind the successful “Leave” campaign, culminating in Britain voting to leave the EU in June.


It is not difficult to see similarities between Trump’s victory in last week’s US Presidential Election and the vote here in the UK to leave the EU. Both Trump and Farage have serious character flaws, and while I tend to be a more philosophical, recognizing we are all sinners etc., my lll friends may be less forgiving. Without being over psycho-analytical, them both being despised outsiders who both pulled off unlikely wins has likely added to the personal chemistry between the two. The scoop that Farage managed to pull off post US election was to meet with President elect Trump and have a serious conversation with him, before any other British politician, including the Prime Minister, managed it. This is particularly important, in this post Brexit period we are now in, as we really do need to forge alliances with other countries, and where better to begin that with the USA. Moreover, and thanks in part to Nigel, we know Donald loves Britain and unlike his predecessor who would put us at the back of the queue, where the Thatcher- Reagan special relationship now seems a distant memory, he wants to do business, and that includes negotiating much needed trade deals, pertinent if we do leave the EU, as we ought given the Brexit vote. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had something similar between Donald Trump and Theresa May, given our countries long standing ties and shared values?

I suspect Mr. Trump looks on the British government suspiciously, given a number have been critical and dismissive of him in the past (and who would blame him). So who better to act as an intermediary than Mr. Farage to help re-build that special relationship? One of my Facebook friends commented: “Oily snake oil salesman meets oily snake oil salesman” which I suspect resonates with some of my other friends on social media. However, being able to road map a was forward in the light of the UK people’s Brexit decision and the worrying news today: “‘There is no plan’ for Brexit, leaked memo says“, I can’t help feeling the our Nigel could play a part, despite his oiliness, and Theresa would be wise to recognise this.


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