Fox News

Like most Brits, not that long ago I would have had little idea what Fox News is. Usually, when I heard it mentioned it was usually in derogatory terms, but this was unsurprisingly given most critics were liberal in outlook, whereas Fox is conservative.


Since I became fascinated following the progress of one Donald J Trump, I have become more aware of the various mainstream US news networks. It would be nice to think they are all politically neutral and consider journalistic integrity to be of utmost importance but the reality is they aren’t (which is partly why the row over fake news has raged for some time now and looks unlikely to abate). It is why I turn increasingly to alternative media, such as the Drudge Report, in order to achieve the balanced coverage I crave.

But at least Fox provides a useful corrective imho to the liberal bias I discern in other mainstream news outlets. I raise the matter now because of a report I came across titled: “Hannity says liberal fascists after sponsors; 1 is leaving”. The report is not why I posted on this subject but it got me thinking. It does relate though to concerns that have been raised over Fox News in recent days, including powerful vested interests intent to shut down Fox, all of which could threaten its future. The author of the report, Sean Hannity, is one of the networks presenters. His reporting, along with that of other Fox contributors, like Tucker Carlson and Jeannine Pirro (and before he was fired Bill O’Reilly) I have found to be helpful as I try to understand what is happening in America.

We live in interesting times and it seems that mainstream news reporting does not captivate the people as it once did. Who can tell the future and if alternative news reporting will gain further ground? But more than ever comprehensive, impartial coverage is needed to bring our leaders to account. If we are going to have politicized mainstream reporting, there has to be a place to counter the liberal narrative we see. I am no fan of Rupert Murdoch, Foxes owner, but I hope there is a future for Fox or at least a news outlet of its ilk.


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