Prophets, priests and kings

For the past 2-3 years, I have been especially focusing on the kings of the Bible in my preaching and teaching and more recently on the prophets of the Bible and am lining up a series on the priests of the Bible. I do so as it is a subject that interests me, I know something about given my early background, there are important lessons to be learned, especially in a day when the certainties of the faith are dismissed. It is a subject that is widely neglected in my experience, even by churches that put special store to teaching the Bible and not just the easy to stomach parts. I am grateful to my own church for giving me free reign to cover these subjects when I lead Bible studies and being able to preach on prophets, priests and kings when the opportunity arises. Before I explore more deeply concerning the priests of the Bible, I am planning to release a book titled: “The Prophets of the Bible”. While somewhat hit and miss and a lot of my notes are not available on-line, I have posted on several aspects on my website, and forms the main content for this e-book, which I intend to update when there are new articles I have added. The presence of prophets, priests and kings, especially in the history of Israel, is significant as is the relationship between the three. It is interesting to note while there are exceptional cases of individuals taking on more than one of these offices, only in the case of Jesus can we cite one who combines being prophet, priest and king.

Last updated 03/03/20  

03/03/20 Why study the Hebrew prophets – and how to do so?

27/02/20 Introducing the prophets

14/02/20 Nahum the prophet

11/02/20 Amos the prophet

08/02/20 Jonah the rebellious prophet

04/02/20 Preface to my book: “The Prophets of the Bible”

02/02/20 4 Major prophets and 12 Minor prophets in context

01/02/20 False prophets and standing firm in the Faith

22/01/20 Online Bible Resources

11/01/20 Approaching Bible End Times prophecy

09/01/20 The Prophet and the Prostitute

03/12/19 A Pathway into the Bible – Stuart Kimber

30/11/19 Why studying the Bible matters – a personal reflection

29/11/19 The Minor Prophets

31/10/19 Ezekiel the prophet – four visions

26/10/19 The Life and Times of Daniel the Prophet

05/09/19 Ezekiel the prophet

20/08/19 Is there a role for prophets today?

17/01/19 Moses – the meekest man who ever lived

15/01/19 Enoch the man who walked with God

30/01/18 The Prophets of the Bible – an introduction

29/11/18 The Kings of the Bible – conclusion

26/11/18 Melchizedek

15/11/18 The Kings of Persia in the Bible – Cyrus

01/11/18 I have no gospel unless Genesis is history

27/09/18 Solomon – a lesson concerning today’s politics

13/09/18 Saul – the first king of Israel

13/09/18 Kings of the Bible

21/07/18 The Children of Issachar

19/07/18 Death in the Pot

25/01/18 What I believe about the Bible

03/12/17 The life and times of Elijah the prophet

10/04/17 False and true prophets


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