The Children of Issachar

Things are not what they seem, so why worry!?

I had an exchange with a friend during the week, who strongly disagrees with me on subjects like Brexit and Trump but we did agree that when we get to heaven we could well find out we are both wrong. As I have come to discover in recent years, these are two of the subjects where good people differ and even go to war.

Those who read my blogs and posts on social media will know that I have strongly held views and that I am not afraid of expressing them even if unpopular, unusual or likely to put people’s backs up. I do so, not just because I think I am right but in order to provided a needful corrective to what I deem to be wrong. We are living in momentous times and one is challenged by what is going on and how to respond.

I sometimes dream of being like Elisha the prophet, who knew what had been spoken in the king’s bedroom and as a result he could alert people as to what was truly going on or, when he was confronted by a formidable opposing army, could see an army others didn’t see – a supporting heavenly one. As it is and the more I delve, I realize I know so little, and while I try to make an intelligent assessment, and am mindful that like everyone else I have my prejudices, recognizing I don’t possess of all the facts, and if I did I would quite likely see things a lot differently. I am also coming to the view that while I may be disdainful of fake, mainstream media; alternative media, often based on conspiracy theories, should also be treated with caution. Yet the truth is, I believe: the world is not as it seems.

Which brings me to the Children of Issachar … the book of Chronicles is not most people’s favourite when considering the 66 books that make up the Christian Bible, and yet like every book it contains gems and sometimes when you least expect it. The above text occurs amidst a long list of genealogies, which some consider to be the most boring parts of the Bible. But I beg to differ because what is being recorded here is profound and demonstrates the perfect response to the times these folk were living in. I would suggest the times we live in throw up not so dissimilar challenges.

I would be showing delusions of grandeur if I were to compare myself to Elisha the prophet or the Children of Issachar, but I have set myself a task (or a task has been set for me) to try to understand the times and guide folk as to how they might best respond. It doesn’t mean I am perfect, for that is clearly not the case, and I should be talking and pontificating less and watching and praying more and just maybe doing what the Children of Issachar managed: understanding the times and knowing what needs to be done. My prayer is for God to raise up those like the Children of Issachar.


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