The Minor Prophets

There are twelve books in the Bible named after and featuring the minor prophets, each delivering YHWH’s message to their listeners.

They weren’t minor because they were of lesser importance compared to the major prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel) but rather it was because their books were shorter in length.

I am proposing to write up on each of the minor prophets in the coming weeks and use my findings in Bible studies I will be leading and a book I will be writing. While it will not be a verse by verse detailed exposition, I do intend to focus on the lives and ministries of each of this amazingly diverse group of men and their messages, who really did come from different backgrounds and social classes. What they had in common was they were called by God, who spoke to them and they responded by passing on what they had heard.

Often their message was unpopular among their listeners because while it often did include words of hope and restoration it was often too about rebuke and judgement, and the prophets often paid a hefty price. The coverage ranged from true worship of YHWH and proper treatment of the poor and this applied to all from the king to his humblest subject, to God’s chosen people Judah / Israel to the surrounding nations. Often the words came as warnings that invited repentance. They faithfully prophesised according to the situation and circumstances they were placed. Much of what was prophesised took place a long time ago but some of it is yet to be fulfilled.

I intend to show how what they wrote is still relevant and contains lessons that apply to all, and not just Judah / Israel and surrounding nations then, especially as we look around at a world gone crazy and ask what God is thinking and doing and how we should respond.


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