Brexit and national identity – is there a way forward?

Today, one of my Facebook nemesis, John Pavlovich, a US Christian pastor posted: Trump voters who aren’t abject racists or brainwashed Christian zealots, now know they elected a monstrous disaster in 2016. What’s worse, is that they’re silent now—while the racists and the zealots are louder than they’ve ever been. It’s time for the good people to be loud”. True to form, I politely and robustly commented to the effect he was wrong and then was subject to a torrent of attack by his followers, including calling me unchristian. I am now used to this sort of response and, a bit more politely this time, some Christian friends elsewhere took me to task on my support for the President. But I remain even more convinced Trump is acting on the right lines, in particular his opposition to globalism and standing up for national identity, which in the past few days has been attacked by two key EU politicians: Macron and Merkel.


I feel a bit guilty when with my eyes looking across the Pond I take my eyes off what is happening here in the UK. But not today! Details of the Brexit deal negotiated with Prime Minister Theresa May and EU are now known and the expected reaction by “Leavers” has materialized, including several ministerial resignations and my own MP, James Duddridge, declaring he will be voting against the proposal on the basis it is a sell out when it comes to what was voted for in the 2016 EU Referendum. My social media feed has been awash with commentary but little, as far as I can make out, by way of a constructive solution. I am inclined to agree with one Facebook friend who disagrees with many of my views on Trump, Brexit etc. “We’re in the most serious constitutional crisis for years, & all the Tory right can conjure up is a leadership contest, which they won’t win. Corbyn sits on his hands & does nothing & talks nonsense about a General Election that won’t solve anything. What a vacuum of leadership!” Given it wasn’t long ago we had a General Election, it is not something many will relish, especially given there isn’t a clear consensus as to what ought to be in place instead of the compromise sell out that had been tortuously eked out.

I have little doubt that the views of an unlikely quartet: my MP, Jacob Rees Mogg, Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson are mainly right and a lot in line with my own, especially on the badness of what is on the table.  Given how corrupt, authoritarian and non accountable I see the EU to be, I would rather there were no deal than a bad deal. Things are moving fast and tomorrow’s no confidence motion in the Commons could see the end of Theresa May’s premiership. And then what? I can’t help smelling a rat; given this is the best we can come up with after two years will make one think maintaining the status quo was the plan all along. In all, it all looks very unclear but here I declare my interest in the bigger picture. I started by discussing Donald Trump. I couldn’t help thinking what if Trump were the negotiator rather than a bunch of folk who did not believe in the sort of clean break from EU control that I believe was voted for in the EU Referendum. Then there is the turning from globalism, evidenced by Putin’s Russia and latterly in the Hungary and Brazil elections.

I am mindful that the move to popularism, usually right leaning and nationalist in flavor, worries some who have opposed Trump, Brexit and popularist politics, fearing the sort of fascism we once witnessed in Hitler’s Germany and the like. Sadly, we are now also seeing polarization because some would say the move to globalism, political correctness replacing free speech, a dominance by an elite more interested in empowering themselves than the masses, and matters like mass integration by them not interested in integrating or contributing are all threats. It all amounts to a global stand off where it is difficult to work out where it all will end. My best advice, as always, is to watch and pray and put your trust in the Lord. But regarding the way forward for the UK, I am in no doubt it should include a clean (some say hard) Brexit, with those who believe in this taking the lead, a turning away from globalism and a return toward recognizing nation identity, while rejecting fascism, racism.


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