Brexitwatch (3)

Todays BBC headline is: “Brexit: MPs face new vote on withdrawal deal”. It begins: “Theresa May will attempt to get MPs to back part of her Brexit deal later, on the day the UK was due to leave the EU. MPs will vote on the withdrawal agreement, which sets out the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU. Ministers say their backing is vital if Britain is to avoid a disorderly exit. But Labour will vote against it, saying that denying MPs a say on the political declaration section of the deal, which outlines the shape of future UK-EU relations, is a “blindfold Brexit”. Friday’s vote, if it passes, would secure a delay until 22 May. It will not allow Parliament to ratify the entire withdrawal package, because the law allows this only after the passage of a “meaningful vote” on both parts of the deal. The prime minister has already lost two such votes on the full deal by large margins, and Commons Speaker John Bercow had ruled out bringing the same motion back a third time without “substantial” changes. However, the government says a vote on the withdrawal deal alone will be enough to meet the criteria laid down by EU leaders for the postponement of Brexit from 29 March to 22 May”.

This is my third Brexitwatch article in less than a fortnight (see here and here for my previous two articles). It didn’t need prophetic insight to forecast there will be many twists and turns and torrents under the bridge during that time and that given the anti no deal sentiment we won’t be leaving the EU TODAY as specified in the Article 50 arrangements agreed two years ago by the UK Parliament. And despite many discussions, to and froings, exchanges (which in fairness have been less vitriolic than I expected) batterings etc., it appears we have made little progress since that time and no closer to an agreed outcome. The main developments since my last Brexitwatch article is Parliament seizing control of the process with a series of indicative votes of the various options but with none of them getting a majority and Theresa May’s third attempt to get a deal through (or at least enough of a deal to stall for time before the EU (do you feel lucky punk) closes the shutters), and after stand down from being Prime Minister. But today is the day and what with Labour (eyeing a chance of power) and the DUP (seeing the deal as a sell out, bless them), and a good many Brexiteers seeing the latest deal as bad deciding to vote against the third crack at getting a deal through and with Speaker Bercow now allowing a vote (and with it hints of sanctimonious hypocritical bias) and some ardent leavers like Boris and the posh dude (possibly eyeing the leadership) indicating they will now vote with Mrs May, and the Sun newspaper advocating the latest deal be accepted or else worse will come, I still reckon (and hope) the vote will not pass, but soon we will know.

And then what? While I would like to think we will simply leave with no deal, there are too many “over my dead body” MPs around to believe it will be that simple (and I agree there are many loose ends especially regarding trade that needs tying up), it will be business as usual – watch this space. One of my today news items is “THE EU TO BAN MEMES THIS WEEK” which is yet another reason (as if I needed one) why we should be shot of this institution. The recent victory of Trump following exoneration by the Mueller inquiry despite being bashed by mainstream media these past two years and his attack on globalism, linked to movements in this direction throughout Europe and the wider world and widespread anger by British people that their leaders have betrayed them and are selling them out, I doubt it will ever be back to square one (remain in the EU – the plan by the elite who control the EU all along). While I recognise there are many good and thoughtful people who see these things differently, these are interesting days indeed given all the momentous connected goings on in the world and days where, besides shouting it on the roof tops, I/we need to watch and pray, knowing whatever the outcome Almighty God sits on His throne.

Update 29/03/19: And now we know – “MPs reject May’s EU withdrawal agreement“. This decision will no doubt have huge consequences – watch this space for further reflection.


2 thoughts on “Brexitwatch (3)

  1. Hello John,
    Our leaders were determined from the outset to betray us, but the LORD is giving us HIS BREXIT, and by allowing this farce to run its course, their duplicity is being exposed for all to see.

    Make no mistake that the LORD is indeed in the midst of the entire process, because it was he that initiated BREXIT.

    IT is no coincidence that the US is undergoing tumultuous shaking, at exactly the same time as we are.

    Both nations are being prepared by the LORD to be returned to our true national identities ie to be a worldwide blessing.

    We will unite with Israel, which is also being shaken by the LORD in their national election, and a new holiness will come to us.

    This will be very important in helping to gather in safely the final worldwide harvest, before the LORD’s return.


  2. Roald Øye says:

    Is not a world government a biblical prediction of what will be the final outcome of world events? Can we preventt them to happen?

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