Tories and DUP in bed together – shock horror

One of the surprising outcomes (although not so surprising if you think about it) from Thursday’s  General Election is the alliance being formed by the Conservative Party and Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in order for the Conservatives to continue in government given they do not have a Common’s majority. Something I did find surprising (but again maybe I shouldn’t given the polarization I see happening in society) is the hostile, antipathetic reaction by many more liberal, luvvie types.

I suppose the above meme encapsulates some of the main objections to the DUP. No doubt others can be added, like teaching of creationism in school. Let me take these one by one, although I should pre-fix my comments – I am not an apologist for the DUP, who I hadn’t given much thought to before yesterday, and just prior to posting had to read up about on Wikipedia:

Link to terrorists – like Sinn Fein. While there were links, these were at worst tenuous and have since been renounced. It was part of the troubles which we hope is now a thing of the past.

Anti-Abortion – as am I.

Climate Change Deniers – I suspect skeptic is nearer to the mark. Climate change has been used as a weapon by the globalists to bring about a new world order and control the populace, to which the DUP like me am opposed. I think, like me, they want to protect the environment based on scientific fact.

Homophobic – since when does opposing same sex marriage make one homophobic?

Support the Death Penalty – many do.

Teaching creationism – this is fine by me as a corrective to evolutionary indoctrination.

I should add the Good Friday agreement but not sure if it is relevant. I don’t wish to be dismissive but imho these “faults” are no worse than those of the LibDems, for example, who I heard hardly any objection to six years ago when they formed an alliance. Besides which, in the DUP case, unlike with the LibDems, this is not a coalition. Ideologically there is much the DUP and the Tories have in common. This has long been the case and coming together at this time feels natural. I am heartened that while mindful of the proof of the pudding etc. that many Duppers are inspired by a fear of God!

The truth of the matter is that some people are angry the Conservatives won the election and are now clutching at straws. Alliances in modern politics are nowadays a fact of life and one we have to live with, and most do – unless … In my own town, Southend, the ruling administration up to a year ago, comprised Labour, Independent, Lib Dem and ex-UKIP. My main point is when alliances are made, it should be done on an ethical basis.

I suspect there will be many developments in the days to come and some with hitherto not considered DUP playing a part. While I have my qualms, Theresa May talking to Arlene Foster and coming to an accord so Conservatives can continue to govern seems reasonable to me. I doubt, incidentally, if the points above will be an issue. My main concern is DUP’s vision for Brexit could weaken negotiations. Yet for those concerned about social justice matter, DUP could help provide a corrective should the Tories seek to ignore these. Strange bed fellows and who would have thought it? Yet, DUP are more conservative than the Conservatives. Interesting times indeed!


One thought on “Tories and DUP in bed together – shock horror

  1. Sandra Wilkes says:

    I’ll say it again – DUP MPs have always voted with the Tory government – the party’s name in full is ‘the Conservative and Unionist Party’ – it’s just that the Tories have never before needed to rely on DUP support. I reject the term ‘strange bedfellows’ as they are natural bedfellows and despite the negative comments re the more extreme of the DUP policies, they have ideologies closer to the Tories than the other minority parties currently in the British Parliament.

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